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LOUGHTON: School quiz night raises £721

8.46am - 30th September 2016

A QUIZ night held by Davenant’s Parents’ Association for Year 7 pupils and parents raised £721 for the school. 
The quiz offered an opportunity for parents to meet with their child’s new school friends and parents at a fun event.
The quiz featured general knowledge questions and, specifically for the new pupils, some rounds about Davenant, its buildings and staff.
The quiz was structured as an inter-form competition with 7A the overall winners. 
The next Parents’ Association event is the Davenant Christmas Fair on Saturday, November 26.


DRAFT LOCAL PLAN: "Unacceptable" that number of homes in North Weald Bassett parish could double

7.30am - 30th September 2016

THE number of homes in the parish of North Weald Bassett would more than double in the next 17 years if all the possible sites for housing contained in the Epping Forest District Draft Local Plan are approved.
The potential 113 per cent increase in the number of properties in North Weald, Hastingwood and Thornwood has been branded "unacceptable" by parish councillor Terry Blanks. 
Speaking at last night's extraordinary parish council meeting, Mr Blanks said: "North Weald is a village and we would be more than doubling the size of that village."
The parish is earmarked to take 2,760 of the 4,550 homes needed in the district, the draft document reveals.
The parish council's planning committee chairman, Baden Clegg, said the parish was "being hit extremely hard". 
Land south of Vicarage Lane is earmarked for some 590 homes with a further 288 homes proposed for Bluemans Farm, off the A414 near the Talbot roundabout.
About 27 homes are proposed for the nearby Chase Farm industrial estate with some 225 homes proposed for North Weald Airfield, on land alongside Merlin Way. 
Other sites in North Weald village include fields east and west of Church Lane and north of Lancaster road (about 276 homes) and land east of Church Lane and west of Harrison Drive (about 49 homes).
Latton Priory, near the M11 roundabout at Hastingwood, is considered suitable for 1,000 homes - the largest single development site proposed in the Epping Forest district. 
Fifty homes could go on the Riddings Garden Centre site in Hastingwood. 
Mr Blanks, who had calculated the percentage increases in homes for all parishes in the district, said North Weald Bassett faced a 113 per cent increase with Epping (at 34 per cent) facing the second highest increase. 
Mr Blanks said: "I think that is unacceptable. That is not what I was assured throughout the process."
Parish councillor Sheila Jackman raised concern over the infrastructure required to support the new homes. 
She said: "It's the doctors, where are we going to get the medical facilities from? Health is something that concerns everybody and that's part of the infrastructure that we should be considering very seriously. 
"It's a worry now and it will be a worry with an increase population." 
Councillor Andy Tyler also highlighted issues regarding police and fire resources.
Councillor Nigel Bedford said: "This isn't all happening tomorrow. This plan is until 2033. Yearly it's 250 homes across the district. The important thing for us is how they are put in. 
"We don't want them all at once in North Weald because six years later someone would come along and say 'we want 3,000 more houses'." 
In response to the 113 per cent figure, Epping Forest District Council leader Chris Whitbread told the meeting that balancing the proportion of homes to parishes across the district was "one of the most difficult things to do" as he highlighted the lack of potential development space in Buckhurst Hill. 
Mr Whitbread added: "It is always difficult to find a true balance across the district." 
Earlier Mr Whitbread had told the meeting: "There are real choices (in the Draft Local Plan), this is a plan in development." 
He added: "It has all been about consultation. This Local Plan started in 2007, we've been going for a decade on it and that's because we have listened. 
"We've gone through a really long process." 
Parish council chairman Cyril Hawkins said: "We have to look forward. It's no good looking downwards. We have to make the best of these sites. We have to be looking at doing the right thing."


DISTRICT: MP supports Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

5.53pm - 29th September 2016

EPPING Forest MP Eleanor Laing has been wearing a gold ribbon throughout September in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. 
Mrs Laing was contacted by Lisa Griffiths, from Epping, whose three-year-old son was diagnosed with leukaemia in July last year. 
Ms Griffiths has been working throughout the Epping Forest area to increase awareness of childhood cancer. 
Ms Griffiths, whose son has been responding well to treatment, said: “Children don’t have a voice, which is why it is so important to raise awareness, like with other adult cancers. 
"I did know that children get cancer but you don’t think it will happen to you.” 
A number of charities and organisations have come together to mark Childhood Cancer Awareness Month through fundraising and education. 
The Campaign draws attention to the fact that over 30 children are diagnosed with cancer each day. 
One in five of these children will not survive the disease. 
Mrs Laing said: “We must be vigilant in the fight against cancer. The number of people surviving cancer is increasing but so are the numbers of people being diagnosed. 
"The story of Lisa’s son is a tragic reminder that cancer can affect people of any age.” 
Mrs Laing added: “I thank Lisa for the excellent work she has been doing in the Epping Forest area to raise awareness and to fundraise. 
"We can increase the chances of an early diagnosis with education and fundraising helps ensure we can look forward to a day when cancer does not kill." 
Mrs Laing supports the Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group. 
You can read more about the group and donate at www.cclg.org.uk/CCAM


BUCKHURST HILL: School welcomes new chairman of governors

5.12pm - 29th September 2016

A NEW chairman of governors has been welcomed to Buckhurst Hill Community Primary School.
Parent governor Samuel Judah takes over from Peter Minoletti who has retired after 28 years of service as a Local Authority governor. 
The new vice-chairman is councillor Gavin Chambers, a newly-elected Local Authority governor. 
Mr Judah wished Mr Minoletti a long and happy retirement and thanked him for his long service to the school.


WALTHAM ABBEY: Town council objects to 90-bed care home

4.09pm - 29th September 2016

PLANS for a 90-bed care home on Honey Lane, Waltham Abbey, are being opposed by Waltham Abbey Town Council. 
Concerns over parking are among the reasons why the town council's planning and licensing sub-committee decided at its meeting yesterday (Wednesday) to object to the proposals submitted by Caring Homes. 
The plans indicate parking for 32 cars, including two disabled bays. 
A town council spokesman said: "The committee is concerned that the provision of on-site parking spaces is insufficient relative to the application." 
The spokesman added that the council's objections also include concerns about such a development in the green belt with councillors believing there are no special circumstances highlighted in the application to support approval of the scheme. 
Councillors consider the proposals an overdevelopment of the site and add that the building would be overbearing. 
The sub-committee has also raised concerns over the local transport information plan submitted with the application saying there are inaccuracies with the bus timetables quoted and that peak traffic times are not stipulated in the document. 
The town council understands that numerous objections have been lodged against the development.


DRAFT LOCAL PLAN: TfL: "No decision" over future of station car parks included on potential housing list

3.09pm - 29th September 2016

TRANSPORT for London says it is yet to make any decision over the future of the station car parks at Epping, Loughton, Debden and Theydon Bois after they were identified as suitable for housing in Epping Forest District Council's Draft Local Plan. 
The car park at Epping Station, with 519 spaces, is the largest on the London Underground network. 
The car park and adjacent land could accommodate about 89 homes, Epping Forest District Council's Draft Local Plan states.
Some 114 homes could go on the Loughton Station car park with about 193 homes considered suitable for the Debden Station car park and adjacent land. 
Two sites - accommodating 29 and 19 homes - are identified for the Theydon Bois Station car park and adjacent commercial yard. 
Epping Forest District Council has told Everything Epping Forest the sites were put forward by London Underground Ltd as potentially suitable for housing during the 'Search for Sites' stage of the Draft Local Plan process. 
A TfL spokesperson told Everything Epping Forest: "No decisions have been made on how we might utilise our property sites in the coming years. 
"We continue to engage with the local authority to understand what options may exist as part of the Epping Forest District Council Local Plan. 
"Should any proposals develop in the future then there would, of course, be full consultation with the local community."
Everything Epping Forest has been told it may be possible to accommodate both parking and housing on the sites with a multi-storey type development.


DRAFT LOCAL PLAN: McMullen remains "committed" to Ongar pub site earmarked for housing

4.20pm - 28th September 2016

BREWER and pub chain McMullen remains committed to The Stag pub, Ongar - despite its car park being included in Epping Forest District Council's Draft Local Plan as a site suitable for housing. 
The car park of the Brentwood Road pub is listed as a possible site for ten homes. 
However McMullen's property director, Andrew Newbury, told Everything Epping Forest: "This (pub sites being included in Draft Local Plan proposals) has happened to us before, albeit on different sites, but our experience has shown that it does not affect our ability to successfully trade a pub. 
"We are committed to The Stag - and have been so for the past 100 years or so having just invested around £40,000 in the pub and have confidence in the tenants, Richard and Anthony."


DRAFT LOCAL PLAN: Town council planning chairman: Public meeting "inevitable"

4.17pm - 28th September 2016

THE chairman of Ongar Town Council's planning committee has told Everything Epping Forest it is "inevitable" that the council will hold a public meeting to discuss the Draft Local Plan. 
Various sites for housing - mainly around the Four Wantz roundabout area - have been identified for the town, including some 135 homes on Bowes Field. 
Councillor John Reynolds, chairman of the council's planning and environment and public relations committee, said: "I would anticipate that (a public meeting) would be inevitable, once all of the facts are known." 
He added: "The proposals are currently being digested by councillors and contact will be made with Epping Forest District Council when the plans will be on display in Ongar for comment and discussion then." 
The district council is holding a public exhibition of the Draft Local Plan proposals at the Budworth Hall, High Street, Ongar, on Wednesday, November 9 (3pm-9pm).


DRAFT LOCAL PLAN: Residents' association prepared to fight Plan "at every stage"

9.33am - 28th September 2016

LOUGHTON Residents' Association believes the "vast majority" of Loughton residents will oppose the sites identified for housing in Loughton and Debden in the Draft Local Plan and says it is prepared to fight the proposals "at every stage".
In a statement, the association said: "At this stage we hope - and expect - that residents will give these aspects a resounding thumbs- down." 
The association added: "Most of Debden’s green areas - and open areas elsewhere in Loughton - will be built over if the Conservative-dominated district council have their way, according to their draft Local Plan.
"At every stage of the development of the Plan, LRA councillors have made it clear that they oppose these proposals, and that they expect the vast majority of Loughton residents will do so too." 
The statement added: "Altogether the Draft Local Plan wants 1,190 more houses across Loughton. However it fails to include any specific requirements for extra schools, roads, GP surgeries etc. 
"Epping Forest District Council are already well behind their original timetable for producing the new Plan and we would not want to further delay its introduction unnecessarily. However should the council not take the expected public outrage into effect by amending the draft Plan, the LRA will continue to the fight these proposals at every stage."


DRAFT LOCAL PLAN: Your initial views on Draft Local Plan

8.37am - 28th September 2016

EVERYTHING Epping Forest readers have been giving their initial reaction to the sites identified as suitable for housing in the Draft Local Plan. 
The station car parks at Epping, Debden, Loughton and Theydon Bois are included in the list of almost 100 possible development sites across the district, along with the Bakers Lane and Cottis Lane car parks in Epping, the Civic Offices site and the Jessel Green open space on the Debden Estate. 

Here are a selection of the comments received:

Kerry Liu - by email - Little thought seems to have been given on how to cater for such an influx of new residents in Epping given the plans for so many new homes in such a modest-sized town. 
Already the local schools/GPs are over-subscribed, play areas inadequate, sports facilities too small and station car park permanently full.
The council risks ruining the very core of Epping by building on green spaces and bulldozing essential facilities (car parks, play areas / sports facilities, hospital etc) for the sake of new homes and council tax revenue. 

Seymour Quilter - by email - It seems to me incredible to add so many houses to Epping without vast improvements to infrastructure and services. 
For example, the station cannot cope with the current level of passengers as all the problems with the station approach road and the bridge closure reveal. The station will have to be expanded to cope with hundreds of extra commuters.

Andy Buchan - Facebook group page - It looks completely over the top. I suspect the planners and the council expect mass objections and they'll try and get away with as much as they can - the idea of all these new houses in Epping is potty. 
The town is regularly clogged with traffic as it is, the station is massively overcrowded, there are still just the two doctors' surgeries so it's two weeks for an appointment, and the proposals would fundamentally alter the nature of the place.

Claire Londors - writing on Everything Epping Forest's Facebook page
- So basically they are getting rid of all the station car parks - forcing commuters to walk or get buses to stations and also in the process of scapping the 167 bus route to Debden! Not to mention building on the Jessel Green playing fields so our children have nowhere safe and local to play! 

Lisa Matthews - writing on the Everything Epping Forest Facebook page - Bloody hell.. where is anyone going to park in Epping? 

Kerry Bates - writing on the Everything Epping Forest Facebook group page - Infrastructure again, schools, hospitals, doctors, parking what will these new families do when they move in? 

Mike Osborne - writing on the Everything Epping Forest Facebook group page - Blimey, look what they are thinking of doing to the Epping Forest area. Houses on the site of EFDC; on the site of Epping Underground Station car park (and Theydon Bois Station car park among others); on the site of Epping Sports Centre and St Margaret's Hospital and all over the green belt to the south of Epping! I know new houses are needed but so many in such a small area? This would totally change Epping forever. And not in a good way! And they are looking at doing the same all over the EFDC area. Will we have any green spaces left? There must be a way we can stop this!

What do you think? 

Email your views on the potential sites to everythingeppingforest@gmail.com. Please note that they may be included in a future article. 
Comments can also be posted on the Everything Epping Forest Facebook page and group and on its Twitter page @eefnews


DRAFT LOCAL PLAN: Almost 100 sites identified for housing

7.04pm - 27th September 2016

ALMOST 100 potential sites for housing across the Epping Forest district are detailed in Epping Forest District Council's Draft Local Plan document. 
The long awaited, 381-page document, details the council's planning policies - including sites for potential housing developments across the district - until 2033. 
Sites for a total of 4,550 homes need to be found, according to an 'advance version' of the document which is the result of more than six years' work. 
A development of about 590 homes on land south of Vicarage Lane in North Weald is the largest single potential site detailed in the Plan papers.
The parish of North Weald Bassett, which covers North Weald village, Hastingwood and Thornwood Common, is facing an additional 2,760 homes. This includes some 1,000 homes at Latton Priory close to the M11-A414 roundabout at Hastingwood.
Some 225 homes are potentially earmarked for North Weald Airfield while the amenity space at Colebrook Lane/Jessel Drive on the Debden Estate could accommodate some 195 homes, the document states.
Everything Epping Forest has sought clarification from Transport for London over the revelation that the car parks at  Epping, Loughton, Debden and Theydon Bois stations are identified as possible sites for housing.
A council spokesman told Everything Epping Forest the sites would have been put forward by London Underground Ltd in the 'Search for Sites' process as "potentially suitable for housing development".
 It is unclear whether parking could still be accommodated in any housing plans on the sites. 
The document, which will go before the district council's cabinet on Thursday, October 6, states that all sites referred to "have been identified following a rigorous application of the site selection methodologies and represent those sites the council considers to be suitable, available and achievable within the Plan period based on available information".
The car park of The Stag pub in Ongar as well as the Bakers Lane and Cottis Lane car parks in Epping are included while the council has also identified its own Civic Offices as being suitable to accommodate about 42 homes. 
Epping Forest District Council's planning portfolio holder John Philip said: "This is everyone's first chance to see what the Plan for consultation will look like but it is important to remember that things could still change between now and the end of October. 
"It won't be finalised until all councillors have had their final say at full council.
"However, by getting this early draft out a month before the official consultation starts, we are ensuring everyone has as much time as possible to consider the issues before the deadline for responses on December 12.
"We don't want your views yet - not until the draft plan is finalised, but we are looking for as much feedback as we can possibly get once the consultation starts on October 31 " 

What do you think? 

Email your views on the potential sites to everythingeppingforest@gmail.com. Please note that they may be included in a future article. 
Comments can also be posted on the Everything Epping Forest Facebook page and group and on its Twitter page @eefnews


DRAFT LOCAL PLAN: Sites identified as suitable for development

7.04pm - 27th September 2016

Details of where Epping Forest District Council believes some 4,550 homes can be built across the district up to 2033 are revealed in an 'advanced version' of the Draft Local Plan document published today.

The full details are:

EPPING (about 1,640 homes on 16 sites) 
* land at Ivy Chimneys Road, about 79 homes
* land south of Epping), about 255 homes
* land at Stonards Hill, about 115 homes 
* land south of Brook Road, 244 homes
* Epping Sports Club, Lower Bury Lane, about 49 homes
* land north of Stewards Green Road, about 305 homes 
* Theydon Place, about 66 homes
* Epping London Underground car park and land adjacent to Epping Station, about 89 homes 
* Epping south-west area, about 24 homes 
* Epping Sports Centre, Nicholl Road, about 44 homes
* Cottis Lane car park, Cottis Lane, about 54 homes 
* Bakers Lane car park, Bakers Lane, about 41 homes 
* Greenacres, Ivy Chimneys Road, about 23 homes 
* St Margaret's Hospital site, about 181 homes 
* Civic Offices, High Street, about 42 homes 
* Epping Sanitary Steam and Laundry Co Ltd, Bower Vale, about 22 homes.

LOUGHTON (about 1,190 homes on 13 sites) 
* Loughton London Underground car park), about 114 homes 
* Debden London Underground car park and land adjacent to station, about 193 homes
* Vere Road, about 10 homes 
* Borders Lane playing fields, about 304 homes 
* Sandford Avenue/Westall Road Amenity Open Space, about 53 homes 
* Colebrook Lane/Jessel Drive Amenity Open Space, about 195 homes
* Golden Lion pub, Newmans Lane, about 30 homes 
* Royal Oak pub, Forest Road, about 14 homes 
* Loughton Resource Centre, Torrington Drive, about 35 homes 
* Loughton library and adjacent car park, about 44 homes
* car park, west of High Road, about 30 homes 
* Old Epping Forest College Site, Borders Lane, about 158 homes 
* 46-48 Station Road, about 12 homes. 

WALTHAM ABBEY (about 800 homes on seven sites) 

* Lea Valley Nursery, Crooked Mile, about 463 homes
* land adjoining Parklands, about 132 homes
* Fire Station, Sewardstone Road, about 44 homes 
* Darby Drive / Abbey Gardens car park, about 17 homes 
* Ninefields, land at Hillhouse Drive, about 60 homes 
* Waltham Abbey Community Centre, Saxon Way, about 53 homes 
* Waltham Abbey Swimming Pool, Roundhills, about 27 homes. 

ONGAR (about 600 homes on nine sites)
* land west of Chipping Ongar, about 73 homes 
* land behind 57A and 57B Fyfield Road, about 16 homes 
* Bowes Field, about 135 homes 
* land adjacent to High Ongar Road, about 30 homes 
* land adjacent to High Ongar Road, about 124 homes
* land adjacent to Chelmsford Road (A414) near the Four Wantz roundabout), about 12 homes 
* Greensted Road, about 175 homes 
* car park at The Stag pub,, Brentwood Road, about 10 homes 
* Ongar Leisure Centre, The Gables, about 24 homes. 

BUCKHURST HILL (about 90 homes on three sites) 
* St Just, Powell Road), about 30 homes 
* Lower Queens Road car park, about 44 homes 
* stores at Lower Queens Road, about 11 homes. 

NORTH WEALD BASSETT - the area covered by North Weald Bassett Parish Council - North Weald, Hastingwood and Thornwood (about 2,760 homes on 11 sites, including one site in Thornwood which is listed separately below)
* fields east and west of Church Lane, north of Lancaster Road, about 276 homes
* land at Bluemans Farm, west of Tylers Green, about 288 homes
* land at Tylers Farm, High Road, about 21 homes
* land at North Weald Airfield, about 225 homes
* land south of Vicarage Lane, about 590 homes
* land north of Vicarage Lane West, about 91 homes 
* land east of Church Lane/west of Harrison Drive, about 49 homes 
* Chase Farm Business Centre, Vicarage Lane West, about 27 homes
* St Clements, Vicarage Lane West, about 11 homes
* land at Latton Priory, Hastingwood, about 1,000 homes
* land at Riddings Garden Centre, Riddings Lane, Hastingwood, about 50 homes
* Possible development sites include a five pitch traveller site on land at Bluemans Farm, west of Tylers Green.

CHIGWELL (about 430 homes on nine sites) 
* former Beis Shammai School, High Road, about 29 homes 
* part of Chigwell Nurseries, High Road, about 66 homes
* The Limes Estate, about 210 homes
* land at Chigwell Convent and The Gate Lodge, Chigwell Road, about 52 homes
* land at the former Grange Farm, High Road, about 30 homes
* land at Manor Road, about 12 homes
* land at Manor Road and Fencepiece Road, about 6 homes
* land at Manor Road, about 10 homes Grange Court, High Road, about 9 homes. 

THEYDON BOIS (about 360 homes on five sites)
* land east of Central Line/north of Abridge Road, including the Old Foresters Site, about 133 homes
* part of the Thrifts Hall Farm, Abridge Road, about 121 homes 
land at Forest Drive, about 52 homes 
* Theydon Bois London Underground car park, and commercial yard adjacent to Theydon Bois Station, about 29 homes
* Theydon Bois London Underground car park, and commercial yard adjacent to Theydon Bois Station, about 19 homes. 

ROYDON (about 40 homes on four sites) 
* land at Epping Road, about 6 homes 
* The Old Coal Yard, off High Street, about 8 homes
* land adjacent to Kingsmead, Epping Road, about 10 homes
* land at Epping Road, about 15 homes. 
* Possible development sites include a one-pitch travellers' site at Sons Nursery, Hamlet Hill.

NAZEING (about 220 homes on four sites) 
* land at St Leonard's Road, about 64 homes
* The Fencing Centre, Pecks Hill, about 33 homes 
* land south of Nazeing, about 88 homes 
* St Leonards Farm, St. Leonards Road, about 33 homes 
* Possible development sites include a five-pitch travellers' site at Stoneshot View.

THORNWOOD (about 130 homes on one site) 
* Tudor House, High Road, about 124 homes. 

COOPERSALE (about 50 homes on two sites)
* Institute Road Allotments, about 27 homes
* Coopersale Cricket Club and Coopersale and Theydon Garnon Primary School playing fields, about 19 homes. 

* land south-east of Ongar Road, about 85 homes.

* land at Mill Lane, about 10 homes.

* land at Lower Sheering, about 26 homes 

* land at Daubneys Farm, about 16 homes
* land east of the M11, about 89 homes
* land north of Sheering, about 12 homes.

* rear of Mountford and Bishops Brow, Oak Hill Road, about 10 homes. 

* one 'yard' for accommodating travelling showpeople, Lakeview.


WALTHAM ABBEY: Re-enactors taking part in 1066 March

8.42am - 27th September 2016

HORSEMEN and marchers will be visiting Waltham Abbey next Thursday (October 6) as part of the 1066 March commemorating the 950th anniversary of the hurried march made by King Harold II and his close followers after the Battle of Stamford Bridge in Yorkshire on September 25, 1066. 
News had reached Harold that Duke William of Normandy had landed in Sussex, and intended to take over the throne of England. 
The King must make haste to Sussex to stop him. 
On his way south, King Harold stopped at Waltham to pray for victory at the miraculous Holy Cross of Waltham in his Minster Church at Waltham Abbey, which he had founded and continued to endow. He entered the Church, knelt at the Holy Cross and prayed. 
As he did so legend has it that the figure on the crucifix bowed its head. This was taken as a bad omen for the coming battle, which sadly proved right. 
As part of the commemorations, The 1066 March - which set off from Yorkshire on Sunday - will reach Waltham Abbey late afternoon next Thursday coming from the Fishers Green car park along Crooked Mile and then entering the Abbey Gardens. 
The marchers will cross the gardens to the Abbey Gateway, where they will be welcomed by onlookers, and greeted by Rector Rev’d Peter Smith in the way that the senior Canon of the Minster would have welcomed the King. 
The marchers are scheduled to arrive at the Gateway at 5pm but traffic conditions at that time of day, and the fact that horses will be on public roads, may mean the arrival is slightly earlier or later. 
The marchers will then dismount and with the onlookers will move to the rear of the church, the east side, to a spot roughly where the high altar of Harold’s Church would have been. 
The black Holy Cross will have been set up there, and 'King Harold' will pray at it. This will be followed by a reading from the ancient 'Waltham Chronicle' of the description of what happened on that day. 
The Rector will then speak. If wet everything after the welcome at the Gateway will take place in the Abbey Church. Anyone who has a medieval costume is encouraged to wear it.
The marchers will stay overnight in Waltham Abbey and leave on foot on Friday morning to walk to Hyde Park, London.


LOUGHTON: Council presents allotment awards

8.40am - 27th September 2016

LOUGHTON Town Council has presented its eighth annual allotment awards.
Town Mayor Carol Davies thanked everyone who took part for their hard work and commitment in producing wonderful gardens and produce of the highest standard. 
More than 350 allotments at the Loughton Potato Ground, Roding Road and Willingale Road sites were inspected by representatives from the three allotment sites over three days and 46 plots were shortlisted.
The final judging was undertaken by Alec Hague, an Ongar allotment gardener with 40 plus years’ experience, and the Deputy Town Clerk. 
The Best Allotment award went to Brian Smith for his Loughton Potato Ground. He received a large silver cup which he will hold for 11 months, a smaller replica cup to keep, a £25 garden voucher and a certificate. 
Mr Smith also won the Best Allotment award in 2012 and 2013. 
The runner-up was Leslie Ford for his plot at the Roding Road allotments, He received a silver salver to keep and a certificate. 
The Best Newcomer Award went to Des Conor for his Roding Road allotment. He received a large shield to keep for 11 months and a small replica to keep with a certificate. Mr Conor has only been allotment gardening for one year. 
Highly commended awards went to Teresa Witham and Emily Russell (Willingale Road), Jan Boucek and Rosie Partridge (Loughton Potato Ground) and Dave Robinson and George Hartwell (Roding Road Allotments).
Five other allotment holders across the three sites were commended for their efforts and received certificates.


MAGDALEN LAVER: Magistrate appointed Deputy Lieutenant of Essex

6.39pm - 26th September 2016

A MAGISTRATE and farming stalwart from Magdalen Laver has been appointed a Deputy Lieutenant of Essex. 
Rosemary Padfield is one of three new appointments. She will assist the Lord Lieutenant of Essex, Lord Petre, in his work acting as the Queen's representative in Essex. 
Lord Petre said the three appointees have made a "great contribution to the county and fully deserve the recognition they have received”. 
Mrs Padfield has achieved a great deal in the farming world. 
She was the first female county chairman of the National Farmers Union in Essex and has been a Council member of the Essex Agricultural Society, a registered charity, since 2004, and was chairman from 2010 to 2013. 
She is also on the steering committee for the Essex Schools Food and Farming Day, a yearly event organised by the Essex Agricultural Society giving 3,000 Essex school children aged eight to 11 the opportunity to visit Writtle College and find out how their food is produced, the role played by farmers in Essex and the many related jobs within the industry. 
Mrs Padfield took on the role of steering committee chairman in 2014. 
She was instrumental in starting the Epping Forest District Farm Watch Scheme and liaises with the relevant police committees. 
Mrs Padfield also sat on the Board of Governors at Writtle College from 2004 until 2012 when she had to retire having completed the statutory eight years of service. 
She is also a church warden and magistrate.


LOUGHTON: Students attend Cambridge university

6.36pm - 26th September 2016

STUDENTS at Debden Park High School, Loughton, are enjoying a programme that involves linking with Russell Group universities. 
Last week 15 students from Debden Park, and 13 students from King Harold Academy in Waltham Abbey, visited Emanuel College, Cambridge. 
The trip was aimed at students that won the Headteacher’s award last year and students from Year 10.
They learnt about university life and spoke to former students. 
They also found out about how finances can be managed and the A-Level choices they would make for the degree subjects of their choice as well as the extra-curricular schemes they would have to participate in to make a successful application. 
The work at Cambridge University is part of a programme currently running at Debden Park to build on the fantastic GCSE results and the expected results in the Sixth Form. 
Director of the Most Able, John Shepley, said: “At our last OFSTED inspection in 2013 we were asked to develop the provision for our Most Able learners. 
"Over the last three years we have worked hard and seen sustained rises in the outcomes for our students, particularly those at the top end. 
"The work we have done has really paid off. Our last results saw almost a quarter of students achieve five or more A/A*. 
"The Cambridge programme, amongst the others we run, is one of a number of schemes which aim to get our students in the best Universities in the world. 
"Over the course of the last term we have visited King’s College London, the University of Warwick and Cambridge. 
"We look forward to hosting Cambridge University at Debden Park in October to offer to support to our sixth form students who will be writing UCAS applications."


EPPING: Hundreds of people attend school's open evening

6.16pm - 25th September 2016

HUNDREDS of parents and prospective students visited Epping St John's School for its annual open evening - and to hear about the progress being made across the school. 
Headteacher Allan Osborne and Deputy Head teachers Jo Daniels and Emma Ruffles addressed a packed school hall to highlight the achievements since Mr Osborne arrived at Epping St John's nine months ago. 
Also addressing the audience at two sessions were student headteachers and Year 11 students Marni Rollason and Teale Cunningham and Year 7 students Mia Knight and Lewis Fisher who spoke about the transition from primary to secondary school. 
Some 250 Epping St John's students volunteered to help at the evening, either showing off their work and the facilities on offer in all the school's departments or acting as guides to the many people who wanted to tour the school. 
Among the activities highlighted were the new dance classes introduced at the school this academic year.
Headteacher Allan Osborne said: "It was a wonderful evening which really did showcase all the rapid improvements the school has made. 
"What made this evening unique - more than any I have attended or been part of in my 16-year career - is the sheer number of students who voluntarily gave up their evening to talk to our visitors. They spoke with real pride about their school. They are at the heart of the new vision of the school. 
"It seems from the magnificent evening that they whole-heartedly have bought into the vision. They feel positive; cared for; safe and adore their teachers." 
The school has branded this year as 'the year of the hashtag' and has introduced a host of social media Twitter accounts, run by staff and students, to highlight the work going on at Epping St John's. 
And visitors too have been quick to express their views on the 'new vision' being displayed at the school.
Among comments posted on Twitter have been: 
* Excellent open evening. Unlike some schools you made it all about the children. Thank you for putting them first. 
* I actually cried at the speeches tonight. Proud to have such a wonderful school at the heart of our community! 
Other feedback via a written questionnaire included: 
* This has confirmed our thoughts that this will be an excellent school for my son. 
* Very passionate members of staff and students provided fabulous heartfelt information!."



EPPING: Special Achievement award for town council

8.49am - 24th September 2016

EPPING Town Council has received a special award from the Essex Association of Local Councils in recognition of its achievements - including the organising of several major events - over the past year.
Judges singled out the council's support for the Epping in Bloom group, its work on playground refurbishments, creating a Neighbourhood Plan and the beacon lighting event to mark the Queen's 90th birthday for special praise. 
The award was presented to Town Clerk Beverley Rumsey and former Town Mayor Barbara Scruton by A&J Lighting company director Andrew Bouttell at the Essex Association of Local Councils' AGM and annual awards ceremony in Dunmow on Thursday. 
Town Clerk Beverley Rumsey said: "I know Epping Town Council will be absolutely delighted with this award. 
"We are lucky to have so many local organisations who work for the good of our lovely town and it is a pleasure to be able to work with them for the good of our community."



CHIGWELL: Driver dies after Abridge Road crash

4.19pm - 23rd September 2016

A MAN injured in a three-vehicle collision on Abridge Road, Chigwell, has died. 
The 21-year-old man, who was driving a VW Golf, died at the Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, yesterday morning. 
His passenger, a 19-year-old man, remains in a serious but stable condition in hospital. 
The incident, which happened near the entrance to TopGolf shortly before 4pm on Tuesday, also involved a white Ford Fiesta and a tipper lorry. 
Any witnesses to the crash can ring Essex Police's Serious Collision Investigation Unit at Chigwell on 101.


ONGAR: Rent review for Jubilee Park ahead of charity 'transfer'

3.54pm - 23rd September 2016

AN independent rent review to establish the commercial value of the assets of the Jubilee Park and Pavilion, Ongar - which is set to be transferred from the town council to a charitable trust - is to be commissioned by Ongar Town Council.
 The last review, undertaken in 2006, resulted in a rental figure of £40,000, last night's town council Jubilee Park Steering Committee was told. 

* Ongar Town Council has received a grant of £3,000 from Essex County Council's Community Initiatives Fund towards the cost of upgrading the cricket pitch at Love Lane. 
The grant means the work, which started this week, will cost the council £600. 
Council chairman Jim Browning described the grant as "wonderful news". 

* Ongar Town Council is to spend up to £350 on new bar stools for the Jubilee Pavilion, Love Lane.
The stools will be purchased with money from a retrospective rebate from the brewery


ONGAR: Council appoints 'sporting section' trustees

3.51pm - 23rd September 2016

ONGAR Town Council's Jubilee Park Steering Committee has appointed the six 'sporting section' trustees onto the intended Ongar Community Sports Trust which is set to take over the management of the Jubilee Park facilities. 
Philip Cranwell (racquets), Mark Suker (cricket), Barbara Woodcock (racquets), Leigh Searson (croquet), Andy Bacon (racquets and tennis) and Michael Jenkins (tennis and crocquet) were appointed at last night's meeting.
Six members of the public are to be interviewed for the three 'public' trustee positions with town councillors Christine Feetham, Janet Bicknell and Paul Keska (who has yet to confirm his willingness to take up the role) as the town council (councillor) representatives.


LOUGHTON: School supports Jeans for Genes Day

3.38pm - 23rd September 2016

CHILDREN and staff at Hereward Primary School, Loughton, held a special day today (Friday) to raise over £400 for children with genetic disorders. 
The fundraising effort was part of the national 'Jeans for Genes Day'. 
Children and staff were encouraged to wear denim and take in a donation to support the worthy cause.
The school's Charities Co-ordinator, Janice Whitehead, said: "It was great to see everyone getting involved and helping to make the day a huge success. 
"We raised over £400 which was fantastic."



EPPING: Rotary club golf day raises £11,500

2.01pm - 23rd September 2016

A CHEQUE for £11,500 - the proceeds of its annual golf day - has been presented by the Rotary Club of Epping to St Clare Hospice. 
The club, in the 12-year history of the event, has now raised £140,000 for the Hastingwood-based hospice. 
Some 112 golfers took part in May's event which culminated in a dinner for 127 people at Saffron Walden Golf Club. 
The main sponsor for this event was Stevenette and Company. 
The cheque was presented by Rotary Club of Epping president Barbara Scruton to St Clare Hospice community fundraiser Dani De'ath at a Rotary dinner at Theydon Bois Golf Club on Tuesday.

A cheque for £500 was also presented to the 'Literacy for All' project which is supporting children in South Africa. 
The project focuses on children aged five to eight and provides them with specially illustrated colourful books to aid their reading. 
The project is currently working with 17 primary schools and five pre-primary schools in South Africa. 
The cheque was presented to 'Literacy for All' committee member Nico Kooij. 

A raffle held at the dinner raised £215 for Mrs Scruton's chosen charities, the national charity bibic and the Heart of Epping appeal which is raising money for a community centre adjoining St John's Church. 
For more information about the Rotary Club of Epping, and details of membership, ring Peter Stevenette on 020 365 6578 or email pjs@stevenette.com


WALTHAM ABBEY: Stall holders wanted for Christmas Fayre

9.33am - 22nd September 2016

STALL holders are invited to take part in the Christmas Fayre being organised by Waltham Abbey Town Council. 
Organisers are appealing for people to run stalls selling Christmas gifts, including foodstuffs such as cheese and pickles.
The Fayre, complete with a Santa's Grotto and two live Reindeer, is being held in Sun Street, Waltham Abbey - the main shopping street - on Saturday, November 26 (10am until 3pm). 
For more information, ring Waltham Abbey Town Council on 01992 714949 or e-mail townclerk@walthamabbey-tc.gov.uk


CHIGWELL: School marks International Day of Peace

8.37am - 22nd September 2016

STUDENTS at West Hatch High School were reminded of the need for all nations to join together in the cause of world peace by taking part in the International Day of Peace initially established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly. 
Organised by School Counsellor Sarah O’Donnell, all students viewed a Powerpoint presentation and took part in assemblies where key issues relating to the need for world peace were introduced - such as the suffering caused by war and conflict alongside the need for growing awareness and the generation of hope. 
Ms O'Donnell said: "Peace every day is the goal but focussing on a particular day is helpful for us all: peacefulness is important in our own lives, in our families, at work, in school and in our wider social lives.” 
On the day a 'Tree of Peace' adorned the school's entrance hall, on which students tied messages related to the desire for peace around the world. 
Some of the messages were prayers and sayings from different cultures and religions; others were statements of empathy for children like themselves distressed by the present Syrian conflict: 
“Thinking of all victims” 
“Love for all sentient (feeling) beings” 
“Bright blessing to all who walk the earth”.
Year 9 student Arjun Kuhaendran, a West Hatch High School Charity Ambassador, helped to organise the event and was instrumental in the cookie sale that took place at break time. 
He and his team - which included Nathan Grannel, Tilly-Mae Kent, Charlotte Kent, Jacques Van Praagh, Kirsten Sewell-Humphreys and Charlotte Stevens - also sold tickets for the lunchtime Dance of Peace, a workshop led by Year 11 Dance students where anyone who paid 50p could join in the fun. 
Headtacher Frances Howarth said: “Our celebration of the International Day of Peace was very moving. The reality of war and its tragic impact on human life was made very real to our students, leaving many of them deeply moved." 
She added: “We are pleased to have been part of this day where our efforts join with children worldwide in trying to make a difference.” 
The day raised £147.97 to be donated to the charity War Child.


ROYDON: Four people injured in crash

8.10am - 21st September 2016

FOUR people were injured - one seriously - in a road collision in Roydon. 
Police are appealing for witnesses to the collision which happened on Tylers Road at 6am on Sunday. 
A police spokesman said a silver Mazda containing four men from the Harlow area was travelling from Nazeing towards Harlow along Tylers Road when it was in collision with an articulated LGV travelling in the opposite direction. 
The 35-year-old Mazda driver was taken to the Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, with serious injuries. His condition is described as stable. 
A rear seat passenger, aged 45, was taken to Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, with serious injuries. His condition is described as critical but stable. 
Two other passengers were taken to Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow, with minor injuries. 
The lorry driver, aged 52, was uninjured. 
The road was closed for about eight hours for forensic scene examination and vehicle recovery. 
Any witnesses to the collision or anyone who saw the Mazda being driven before the collision are asked to contact PC Ian Tappin at Chigwell Road Policing Unit on 101.


DISTRICT: Transport group sets priorities

7.01pm - 20th September 2016

A PUBLIC transport campaigning group has set trying to save the 167 bus route as one of its immediate priorities. 
The Epping Forest Transport Action Group, which campaigns for better public transport and safer streets in Epping Forest, is also calling for public transport and safer streets considerations on planning decisions and safer routes for schools. 
Cycling campaigner George Lund, who proposed the priorities, said: "We need our councillors to start thinking about affordable transport with every decision they take. 
"The different councils need to start talking to each other: if they assume everyone will drive everywhere and don’t plan for anything else, that’s exactly what will happen. 
"Making the right choices will avoid gridlock and make Epping Forest a safer, happier, healthier place for our children to grow up." 
Heidi Chow, who has been leading the Save the 167 bus route campaign, sald: "We need a group like EFTAG to campaign for better transport as well as protect existing services. 
"The 167 bus route is a lifeline for residents of the Debden estate and the surrounding areas. 
"Cutting the route will not only affect school children, elderly and others who depend on it but is also short-sighted given the level of residential and commercial development in the area." 
The priorities were set at the group's first organising meeting. People attending included representatives from local campaign groups and a local bus company, parish and district councillors and interested residents. 
Meeting organiser Dave Plummer said: "It was great to see such a broad range of people at the meeting contributing their experience from service user, council, commercial and campaigning perspectives. 
"Our three campaigning priorities are distinct from each other but also demonstrate how public transport and safer streets interact with the lives of local people, businesses and communities." 
The next organising meeting is at The Space at Loughton Library, Traps Hill, Loughton, on Wednesday, October 12.


CHIGWELL: Two men injured in three-vehicle collision

6.29pm - 20th September 2016

POLICE are at the scene of a serious collision involving a tipper lorry and two cars - a silver VW Golf and a white Ford Fiesta - near Woolston Manor, on Abridge Road, Chigwell.
The incident happened shortly before 4pm. 
Two men suffered serious injuries and have been taken to hospital in London. 
The road is blocked and motorists are advised to seek alternative routes.


WALTHAM ABBEY: Academy selects Pupil Leadership Team

6.01pm - 20th September 2016

YEAR 11 students at King Harold Academy have become exemplary role models for younger pupils.
Thirty-five year 11 students have been appointed to the Pupil Leadership Team of which 18 are Prefects and 13 have been appointed as Senior Prefects. 
The team is led by Head Boy Adam Freeman and Head Girl Lisa Nakimuli supported the Deputy Head Boy Tom Wilkinson Deputy Head Girl Morgan Healy. 
All students on the Pupil Leadership Team had to apply and undertake a comprehensive interview process by providing examples and details of how and why they felt they were suitable candidates and what positive contributions they could make to the school. 
The role of the Pupil Leadership Team is to lead by example. 
Members are not only positive role models for the school but also the first point of contact for some of the students in younger years. 
The Pupil Leadership Team will provide support, guidance and motivation to other students at form times, academic review days and at break and lunch times. 
All prefects have already undertaken duties at break and lunch-time duties to ensure students are conducting themselves appropriately and providing support for the new Year 7 students. 
The Pupil Leadership Team have many ideas about the contribution they would like to make to their school and have initiated meetings with the Head of School Kim Thackray. 
One of the first formal duties of the prefects will be to help out and support on Open Day on October 1. 
All prefects will be guiding potential new students and their parents/carers around King Harold Academy ensuring they take part in the activities and answering any questions that parents or children may have.
The Pupil Leadership Team will also be mentors to other students, creating a high profile presence within the academy.


DRAFT LOCAL PLAN: Parish council holding special meeting

4.50pm - 20th September 2016

NORTH Weald Bassett Parish Council is holding an Extraordinary parish council meeting at North Weald Library, High Road, North Weald, at 7.30pm on Thursday, September 29, to discuss the Epping Forest District Council Draft Local Plan.


CHIGWELL: School holds Music Morning

4.22pm - 20th September 2016

YEAR 7 students at West Hatch High School were treated to a Music Morning on Monday. 
Performances by the KS3 and KS5 Bands, along with the Year 10 BTEC Music Group, demonstrated to the Year 7 students the wide opportunities in extra-curricular Music Tuition that the school offers. 
Headteacher Frances Howarth said: “West Hatch High School is renowned for its strong extra-curricular tradition with many students having performed at top London venues over the years, with others appearing on national TV. 
"We hope our present Year 7 students - and those looking to join us in 2017 - will have fun whilst learning through music-making.”
This time last year these same students were getting ready to attend the Year 6 Open Evening at West Hatch, which this year is to be held on Thursday, October 13, starting at 6.30pm with talks by the Head Teacher at 6.45pm and 7.30pm. 
The Open Evening will include a wide range of demonstrations and performances - from Science, Music, PE, Dance, Drama, Food Technology & IT amongst others. 
Visitors will be guided around the school by existing Year 7 pupils and senior students, including Prefects.
Ebony Martin, the Chigwell school’s new Head of Music, said: “I am so proud of our students’ musical ability and passion to perform.
"I have no doubt our students will excel at every musical opportunity, promoting their skill and enthusiasm to the Year 6 students that attend our Open Evening.” 
After an excellent summer of exam results at both GCSE and A-Level the school has much to celebrate and is looking forward to sharing this with Year 6 students and parents. 
Further information about West Hatch is available on the school website www.westhatch.essex.sch.uk
For a prospectus, ring Year 7 Admissions Secretary Debra Burns on 020 8504 8216.


LOUGHTON: Car driven at man during liquid attack

4.36pm - 19th September 2016

TWO men had an unknown substance thrown at them and a car was damaged in an early hours incident in Smarts Lane, Loughton. 
One of the men - aged in his 30s - suffered a broken leg when a car was driven at him at about 2am on Saturday. 
Two windows of a Mercedes were smashed. 
Police believe there are two suspects who left in a vehicle which was driven at one of the victims. 
The other man is aged in his 20s. 
Both suffered irritation to their eyes caused by the liquid. Both men, who are from east London, were taken to hospital for treatment. 
Any witnesses should ring detectives at Loughton CID on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


LOUGHTON: Students celebrate Roald Dahl's birthday

4.23pm - 19th September 2016

YEAR 7 students at Davenant Foundation School celebrated Roald Dahl's 100th birthday and his work with competitions, quizzes and displays showing some of the characters he created. 
There was a crocodile made from spinach and a BFG face made from fruit. 
The big competition was the ‘Roald Dahl Bunting’ competition that was designed and created by every Year 7 form group. 
This was judged by new headteacher Adam Thorne who said he thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and the volume of chocolate cake was a bonus. 
He said: "It was difficult to choose but in the end 7E won. The library is such an important part of any school and to see so many students engaged in a literacy event is credit to the staff." 
This week author Dave Cryer will be visiting to talk to students.


WALTHAM ABBEY: School holds first Club Fair

3.58pm - 19th September 2016

KING Harold Academy students showed that there is more to learning than sitting in a classroom by participating in the school’s first ever Club Fair. 
Students in all year groups visited the school’s Learning Resource Centre to sign up for a variety of curricular and extra-curricular activities to enhance their learning experience this academic year. 
Activities ranged from the various sporting activities and teams offered by the PE staff to a host of musical groups such as The Kings Strings and Year 8’s Sound Escape. 
New this year is the Technology Club, where students will be developing their own Minecraft game, and the Meditation and Colouring Club, to ease the stresses of school life away.


CHIGWELL: School celebrates students' success

2.40pm - 19th September 2016

CERTIFICATES and trophies were presented at the Upper School Awards evening recognising success across all aspects of life at West Hatch High School. 
Dame Joan McVittie, a retired London Headteacher and past President of the Association of School and College Leaders - who was awarded a DBE in the 2013 New Year Honours List for Services to Education - was the special guest at the Chigwell school's celebration evening. 
West Hatch High School students past and present were in the audience to celebrate an excellent summer of GCSE and A-Level results alongside many other successes. 
Music was provided by the KS5 Band. 
West Hatch headteacher Frances Howarth said: "'We were delighted to welcome Dame Joan Mc Vittie to present our awards. She recognised the tremendous effort and commitment that students had made to their studies in securing such excellent grades." 
Top performing students Phoebe Clements, Kali Dronsfield, Nilofer Sait and Ben Stephens won numerous awards with students across the Senior School and Sixth Form being recognised for their Service to the School, Outstanding Leadership, Creativity, Perseverance, Exceptional Progress and Fundraising.
"Parents and staff are very proud of their achievements as they are now in a superb position to compete with the best in the next stages of their lives," added Mrs Howarth. 

In addition to subject prizes, a number of special awards were also presented. 
Recipients were: 
The CACHE Award
- Sarah Gayler, Megan Spencer and Joy Tamfuri
The Mandy Padda Award for Creativity - Freya Anderton 
Outstanding Progress in GCSEs - Hassan Ali 
The Personal Achievement Award - Andrew Duncanson
The Phipson Award for Services to the School - Alex Dean and Ella Sabine. 
The Public Speaking Award - Ropa Gutu and Nilofer Sait 
The Rotary Club Business and Enterprise Award - Mohit Dole 
Services to the School Community and Outstanding Leadership Award - Gemma Curtiss and Sharaf Sheikha 
The Special Commendation in Sport Award - Charlie George
The Susan Masters Award for All Round Academic Achievement for both boys and girls at KS4/5 - Phoebe Clements and Ben Stephens (KS4), Dylan Tak and Kali Dronsfield (KS5).

The High Road school has run Annual Awards evening for many years for both the Upper and Lower School and is particularly pleased this year that excellent KS 5 results - both in AL and Vocational subjects - mean that all students have been able to move on to their chosen Higher Education, Higher Apprenticeship or employment pathways.


CHIGWELL: New Sixth Form Centre opened as a memorial to a former student

8.12am - 18th September 2016

PICTURES: For a slideshow of pictures CLICK HERE

 AUDIO: Headmaster Michael Punt and Risham Sarao's uncle, Dr Malvinder Sohi, speak about the new Risham Sarao Sixth Form Centre CLICK HERE

AUDIO: Old Chigwellian Ben Shephard, presenter of the ITV breakfast programme Good Morning Britain, gives his reaction to the new centre CLICK HERE 

A NEW sixth form centre named in memory of a former Chigwell School student has been officially opened at the school by her family and the television presenter and Old Chigwellian Ben Shephard.
Headmaster Michael Punt described The Risham Sarao Sixth Form Centre as a "hub for learning" with six classrooms, study and social space and a centre for careers and university advice. 
Risham's family are among the benefactors who made the project possible. 
Her relatives were joined by the Good Morning Britain and former GMTV presenter and ex-student Ben Shephard for the official ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday. 
Risham was at Chigwell from the age of 11 until she left at the end of her Sixth Form studies. 
She went on to study business and Spanish at Manchester University. 
Sadly she died in a road accident while travelling in Peru in 2009. She was 21. 
Mr Punt said the new Sixth Form Centre provides the best facilities the school can offer for Sixth Form students while also serving as a memorial to Risham who he described as "an excellent student in every way". 
Risham's uncle, Dr Malvinder Sohi, said: "It is a very emotional day for us, it's sad but also a matter of great pride for us to be associated with such a brilliant child." 
He added: "The only way to keep her name living is to create such a thing as the centre where we are going to create many Rishams by giving a wonderful environment. 
"This centre will live probably many generations beyond those Risham would have thought she would have lived. 
"The family's loss and the school's loss left an enormous vacuum. It became very important to replace that with something that would be permanent and beneficial for future generations. 
"Risham was denied a beautiful life. In her name we had a duty to the future generations of the school to ensure that they can benefit from Risham's life and aspirations." 
Dr Sohi added: "The centre keeps Risham's spirit alive so that it inspires and encourages the pupils. 
"The centre will provide a place and opportunity to all those who want to achieve world class education in the most modern and natural environment and enhance those who are inspired by Risham's life." 
Ben Shephard, who also presented ITV's The Krypton Factor and whose mother lives in Theydon Bois, said he was "absolutely blown away" by the new centre. 
He said: "It's just an extraordinary facility and I'm very jealous and envious. 
"I was lucky enough to come to Chigwell and had an amazing time here but we (former students who he met at the opening) have all been talking about how much we would have enjoyed the opportunity to be here, to work in this sort of environment and have the opportunity to take in the surroundings. 
"It is a really, really fabulous tribute to Risham." 
He added: "This will allow them (Sixth Form students) to grow and become well-rounded individuals that will be able to take on any opportunities that come their way - to be inquisitive, to be adventurous, to be courageous - all of those really important elements as you go into professional life are incredibly important. 
"The sixth formers will be proud to be in here, they will want to come and hang out. They will want to do their work here. They will want to see their other classmates here. They are going to be filled with a huge amount of pride and that's something you can't put a price on." 
Risham's family are planning to commission a bust of Risham to go in the new building, and will provide an award to be presented annually to an outstanding Sixth Form student.


DISTRICT: YES Partnership reflects on successful year

4.40pm - 16th September 2016

AN organisation which works across the district motivating young people to plan for successful careers by bringing them into contact with businesses and employment and career professionals has held its third Annual General Meeting. 
The YES Partnership meeting heard about another busy year which saw 240 young people from six local schools complete their Motivation and World of Work Conferences. 
There was also another successful Investors in Young People awards evening and a number of business breakfasts. 
A number of schools have expressed an interest in being included in the programme offered by YES and the next round of conferences will feature two additional schools. 
There will also be a new conference aimed at a slightly older age group, with college students, and the DWP. 
The YES Conferences, and the AGM, are held at the Waltham Abbey Marriott Hotel and bring young people into a business environment where they are treated as delegates and work with adult facilitators from business on a day’s programme including talks, workshops and interactive activities. 
Their day includes lunch and the students receive certificates of attendance to add to their CVs.
Conferences are delivered free thanks to the voluntary input of local professionals, businesses and fund raising. 
For more information, visit www.yespartnership.org or email Norma Green at normaleagreen@gmail.com


CHIGWELL: Students take part in summer projects overseas

4.07pm - 16th September 2016

A NUMBER of Year 12 Chigwell School students carried out charity work overseas during the summer break.  
Aaran Vijayakumaran, winner of the Tim Pruss Prize, worked in Faridabad, India, where he helped in an orphanage, a slum school and at a school for disabled children. 
Aaran said: "Visiting India opened my eyes to see how there are people in the world who do not have the same opportunities in life as I do. 
“It was a great experience sharing your knowledge with others and watching them improve every day because of volunteers like myself.” 
Aanya Gujral fund-raised to provide physiotherapy equipment for a home for disabled children which she visited and saw first-hand how the charity provides special care to help patients to become stronger. 
Annie Redmond and Brooke Newton travelled to Kandy, Sri Lanka, where they taught English at a school and nursery whilst Megan Whitehead travelled to a town outside Kathmandu where she also taught English in a school damaged in last year’s earthquake.  
Tanu Kugasathan worked to upgrade an orphanage in Jaffna, Sri Lanka; Rahul Aggarwal worked in a hospital in Kenya and Tamra Paul worked in an orphanage in Malaysia.


DRAFT LOCAL PLAN: Council launches Draft Local Plan website

4.56pm - 15th September 2016

A NEW website has been launched by Epping Forest District Council ahead of the publication of the Draft Local Plan. 
The new Planning Our Future website provides information about how people can get involved in the upcoming consultation for the next stage in the Local Plan process. 
The website - www.eppingforestdc.gov.uk/planningourfuture - will be a 'one stop shop' for all the information about the Local Plan and what it means for the Epping Forest district, registering for updates, as well as a quick and easy way to provide feedback. 
Councillor John Philip, cabinet member for planning policy at Epping Forest District Council, said: “This is your Local Plan. Get involved and give us your feedback. 
"Our new Planning Our Future website has been launched two months before the start of the consultation so that everyone who wants to can get involved in the different events we are holding across the district in November and December.” 
Epping Forest District’s full council will meet on October 18 to agree whether the Draft Local Plan can go out to consultation for six weeks. If approved, the consultation is expected to run between October 31 and December 12.

Everything Epping Forest is providing comprehensive coverage of the Draft Local Plan which will be published on Monday, September 26. 
There will be updates on the Everything Epping Forest website, on the Everything Epping Forest Twitter and Facebook feeds, and you can register to receive Everything Epping Forest's Draft Local Plan news coverage by email. 
To register simply email everythingeppingforest@gmail.com with LOCAL PLAN in the subject line.


LOUGHTON: One man injured in "ongoing incident"

4.56pm - 15th September 2016


POLICE are on the scene of an "ongoing incident" at a property in Hereward Green, Loughton. 
One man has been taken to hospital. 
No information on his injuries or condition have been released. 
Emergency services were called to the cul-de-sac off Colebrook Lane shortly after 3.15pm today. 
Five police cars, two paramedic cars and an ambulance were on the scene.
The air ambulance was also called and landed on nearby Jessel Green. 
The paramedic crew were driven the short distance to the scene by a police car. 
A spokesman for Essex Police told Everything Epping Forest: "Police are at the scene of an ongoing incident in Hereward Green, Loughton. 
"Emergency services were called at 3.17pm to a report of an incident inside a property. 
"One man is believed to have been injured and the air ambulance is in attendance." 
The injured man was taken to the Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, by land ambulance.



ONGAR: Litter poster competition winner announced

12.22pm - 15th September 2016

A POSTER highlighting recycling and the penalties for dropping litter has won an Ongar Town Council competition. 
The eye-catching design by Brentwood County High School student Callum Curtis caught the eye of judges after the council ran the competition to try and target litter in the town. 
The council holds two litter picking events a year but councillors have been increasingly concerned at the amount of rubbish being collected. 
The council decided to run the poster competition to try to encourage people to dispose of their litter properly. 
Council chairman councillor Jim Browning said: “The council was very impressed with the quality of the entries. Callum’s poster is lively and colourful and will hopefully catch people’s attention and make them think twice about how they dispose of their rubbish." 
He added: "We want to show the community that dropping rubbish is not acceptable. If everyone put their rubbish in a bin then think what a difference this would make to the local environment.”


ONGAR: Town council seeks Expressions of Interest for trustees

9.28am - 15th September 2016

ONGAR Town Council is seeking Expressions of Interest from potential trustees for the new Ongar Community Sports Trust. 
On July 7, the council approved the establishment of a charity to take over the management of the Jubilee Park facilities and created a steering committee to manage the transition. 
On August 11, the committee met and agreed to establish the charity which will be known as The Ongar Community Sports Trust. 
The objectives of the charity will be:
* To create opportunities for the residents of Ongar and the surrounding district to participate in sporting activities 
* To provide training and guidance for novice players and facilities for affiliated teams to pursue their sports in a safe and friendly environment 
* To provide recreational facilities available to all, that can support the charity in cash or kind, while offering a suitable environment for members of all ages to gather. 
The trustees will comprise of three council members not from the steering committee, six from the sporting sections and three members of the wider public. 
Expressions of interest would be welcome for the committee to consider at the next meeting scheduled for September 22.
For further details or to register an interest, contact Town Clerk Aimi Middlehurst via email clerk@ongartowncouncil.gov.uk or 01277 365348.


EXCLUSIVE: DRAFT LOCAL PLAN: "I'm sure there are (development) sites that residents will say they are shocked at"

5.01pm - 14th September 2016

AUDIO: To listen to the full exclusive interview with Epping Forest District Council planning portfolio holder councillor John Philip CLICK HERE

Please note that some web browsers may not be able to play the audio file. 
If you are unable to hear the audio and would like to be sent the original audio file to download please email everythingeppingforest@gmail.com

IT is the result of more than five years' work but now publication of Epping Forest District Council's Draft Local Plan - detailing potential sites for housing across the district - is less than two weeks away. 
It promises to be the hottest topic for debate and discussion affecting the district for years. 
The document will detail "a vision and framework" for the development of the district until 2033, including potential sites for housing and employment. 
At a media briefing at the Civic Offices in Epping today no figures - other than the fact that the document currently runs to some 260 pages - were divulged. 
However while the number of properties which the council believes needs to be built was not revealed, councillor John Philip, the council's planning portfolio holder - in an exclusive interview with Everything Epping Forest - admitted: "I'm sure there are sites (considered suitable for development) that residents will say they are shocked at." 
A massive public consultation exercise will swing into action once the Draft Local Plan document has been approved by the council's cabinet and full council. 
The document will be made public on September 26 when the agenda for next month's cabinet meeting is published. 
Once approved by the cabinet and full council the formal public consultation period begins on October 31. Residents will have until December 12 to submit their views. 
The council is launching a new website and is expecting thousands of responses after the views of almost 6,000 residents were expressed in some 3,556 responses to the council's 'Community Choices' consultation in 2012 when residents were asked what they thought was important to the district and what the area's priorities should be. 
Speaking to Everything Epping Forest, councillor John Philip said: "The Draft Local Plan will have a number of sites identified which have come through the evidence-sifting process. 
"There will be sites identified for more housing than we absolutely have to (have). 
"The Leader and I have been clear all along, we don't want to have to build one more house than we have to, but if we didn't provide a larger number than we actually require then there would be no choice left.
"What we want to do is filter through the good evidence and work out what the right choice is make actually is." 
He added: "Will everybody be happy? I'm absolutely certain that everybody will not be happy because nobody is ever happy with change. 
"What we have to recognise is that there is a requirement to develop to a particular level and to be found to be sound. 
"We have to look for the best evidence-based reasons for where we are going and hopefully we can explain to people why particular areas have been chosen and we will find a reasonable resonance for a lot of them." 
Mr Philip added: "I'm sure there are sites that residents will say they are shocked at. Hopefully it won't come down to that in too many cases. 
"Most of the sites we are looking at are ones that have been promoted by individual landowners. We will certainly be looking to see whether there are areas that are under-represented. 
"What we have tried to do is take on board what we have been told by our residents all the way through which is don't put everything in one place. 
"We are not, for example, taking, as some district councils have done, the opportunity to create a brand new settlement deep within the Green Belt. 
"That is not what our residents have told us they wanted so we won't be doing that."


WALTHAM ABBEY: Town takes first steps towards Neighbourhood Plan

1.20pm - 14th September 2016

WALTHAM Abbey has taken the first steps towards creating a Neighbourhood Plan "for Waltham Abbey, by Waltham Abbey". 
More than 50 people attended an inaugural launch meeting of the Waltham Abbey Neighbourhood Plan Group held by Waltham Abbey Town Council at Waltham Abbey Town Hall on Monday. 
The plan will detail how local people - its residents and businesses - see the future of the whole of Waltham Abbey parish in the next 15-plus years. 
Councillor Antony Watts, chairman of the town council's Neighbourhood Plan sub-committee, told the meeting that the town council had decided against working on separate Neighbourhood Plans for each part of the parish and instead a single Neighbourhood Plan would cover the Waltham Abbey parish - Waltham Abbey, Sewardstonebury, High Beach and Upshire. 
He said: "The whole of the parish of Waltham Abbey is a right mixture (urban and rural) and it works, and it works in an extraordinary way so it's very, very important that we keep it as one Neighbourhood Plan." 
He added: "The town council has been leading this and driving this but this is a Neighbiurhood Plan for Waltham Abbey, by Waltham Abbey. It is not the town council's plan. The town council will be here to assist." 
Councillor Sam Kane, who was chosen as the acting chairman of the town's Neighbourhood Plan Group, said: "This isn't a short-term project. 
"Depending on how much we take on it could take anything between one and two years." 
The meeting discussed various possible sub-groups which could form part of the overall Neighbourhood Plan Group - Housing, Tourism, Infrastructure funding, Local economy - business and retail, Education, Transport and Leisure.
The meeting decided to wait until after Epping Forest District Council publishes its Draft Local Plan later this month before progressing on deciding on membership for the sub-groups. 
A further meeting to progress arrangements will be held by the town council in November.


EPPING: School holding open evening

1.17pm - 14th September 2016

EPPING St John’s School is holding its annual Open Evening on Thursday, September 22, between 6pm and 9pm. 
This year's Open Evening provides an opportunity for prospective parents and the local community to visit the school to see the improvements the new headteacher, Allan Osborne, has overseen since he joined Epping St John’s in January. 
Mr Osborne said: "This summer’s GCSE results have shown a significant improvement on the previous three years. Rates of progress have improved in almost all subjects and the school has also met its Progress 8 target." 
He added: "A new Leadership Team has been appointed and will be available to discuss our 'Journey to Outstanding’ and answer any questions parents or residents may have. 
"Students from all Year Groups, including our new Year 11 Student Leadership Team, will also be present and will be able to give a students’ perspective of Epping St John’s. 
"The school provides stunning state-of-the-art accommodation, set in wonderful surroundings." 
The evening will include displays of student work, PE, Music and Drama demonstrations, experiments in the Science Department and opportunities for visitors to get involved in a number of fun activities. 
Mr Osborne will be leading presentations in the Main Hall at 6.30pm and 7.30pm. 
Following the Open Evening, Open Morning tours of the school will be available during the week commencing Monday, September 26.
For more details visit the school website www.eppingstjohns.org or contact the Headteacher’s PA, Mrs S Kingham on 01992 573028 ext 202 or email skingham@esj.essex.sch.uk to book an Open Morning tour.


HIGH ONGAR: Smoke alarm alerts resident to bungalow blaze

9.01am - 14th September 2016

A SMOKE alarm alerted a man to a blaze which broke out at a bungalow in High Ongar. 
The resident was able to get out of the property, next to St Mary's Church in The Street when alerted to a fire in the loft. 
Four fire crews - from Harlow, Colchester and Chelmsford - were alerted shortly before 11am yesterday.
When they arrived the crews reported the roof space was 80 per cent alight. 
An Essex Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said Colchester firefighters attended as they were on standby at Chelmsford Fire Station while a training exercise took place. 
Firefighters took about an hour-and-a-half to deal with the fire with crews using hose reels and two thermal imaging cameras to check for hotspots. 
Assistant Divisional Officer Phil Pidgeon, the incident commander, said: “The resident was alerted to the fire by working smoke alarms and he was able to get out, stay out and call 999, which is exactly the right thing to do. 
“The roof of the bungalow has been completely destroyed and the majority of the building has been damaged. 
“Crews worked extremely hard on what is one of the hottest days of the year to extinguish this fire as quickly as possible. 
“No one was injured in this incident. An investigation is underway to find out the cause of the fire.”



EPPING: Mayor and Deputy Mayor greet walkers

11.14am - 13th September 2016

MORE than 150 walkers were met by Epping Mayor Les Burrows and his wife, Carol, and Deputy Mayor Tony Church and his partner, Hilary, as they completed the annual Epping Forest Centenary walk at Bell Common, Epping. 
The guided walk, led by the Friends of Epping Forest, covers the entire length of the forest - with walkers covering either the whole route or sections - from its southernmost tip, wedging into east London, to not too far short of its northern extremities near Epping. 
The event and route followed is based on the walk established in 1978 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the passing of the Epping Forest Act 1878. 
The Act, promoted by the City of London, restored lost lands to the forest and secured its future as a public open space. 
Since then, the Conservators have managed the forest for recreation and its natural aspect. Organised by the Friends of Epping Forest, with support from the Ramblers’ Association, the Epping Forest Centenary Trust and the Corporation of London, the walk provides an opportunity to walk the entire length of Epping Forest in a day (about 15 miles) or take part in one or several of the local sections of the route. 
Sunday's walk started near Manor Park station) and followed a route which included stops at the Green Man roundabout, Leytonstone; the Best Western Epping Forest Hotel, Woodford Green; Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge, Chingford (for a lunch stop) and High Beach before finishing at Bell Common.
 Epping Mayor Les Burrows said: "I was delighted to meet the walkers at the end of the walk and congratulate them on their efforts completing the walk which has an historic connection to the history of Epping Forest and its continuation as a public place for people to visit and enjoy."


LOUGHTON: Two men injured in hit-and-run

9.15am - 13th September 2016

TWO people have injured in a hit-and-run collision in Loughton. 
Detectives are appealing for witnesses after a black car, possibly a Vauxhall Corsa, mounted a kerb in Colebrook Lane and was in collision with two men at about 9.45pm on Sunday (September 11). 
One of the men, a 32-year-old man from Loughton, was on a moped that was stationary at the time. He suffered a serious leg injury which required surgery.
A 19-year-old edestrian, from London, suffered a leg injury and was also taken to hospital. 
Anyone with any information should ring Loughton CID on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


DISTRICT: Constituency set to remain unchanged in boundary shake-up

9.09am - 13th September 2016

THE Epping Forest parliamentary constituency is set to remain unaltered in the proposed constituency boundary changes published today. 
Amendments are being made to many constituencies across the country as part of reorganising parliamentary boundaries to reduce the number of MPs from 650 to 600 and to ensure constituencies each over roughly 75,000 electors. 
Changes are proposed for the Harlow constituency which will see the North Weald Bassett ward and Moreton and Fyfield ward transferring from the Brentwood and Ongar constituency. 
The biggest changes would be seen in the Brentwood and Ongar constituency with two wards earmarked for transfer to the South Basildon and East Thurrock constituency (both from Brentwood Borough). 
The proposals also include moving four wards from the Borough of Chelmsford (wards currently within the Saffron Walden constituency) into Brentwood and Ongar, and to compensate for the changes it is proposed that four wards are transferred from the existing Braintree constituency (all from the District of Braintree) into Saffron Walden.


DISTRICT: Health awards shortlist announced

8.08am - 13th September 2016

VOLUNTEERS, pharmacists and health professionals all feature in the NHS West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group's Best of West Awards shortlist. 
The awards will be presented at the CCG’s Annual General Meeting at Zinc Arts Centre, Great Stony, High Street, Ongar, on Thursday, September 29, with a complimentary lunch before the awards from 1pm.
Chief Officer Deborah Fielding said: “The Best of Awards celebrates the exceptional work being done in west Essex to keep people well. 
"The finalists come from all sectors of the community, demonstrating the commitment and enthusiasm local people have to deliver the best health and care services. 
“We received lots of incredibly strong nominations and I’m really excited to celebrate the deserving winners at our AGM. I encourage local people to come and see the winners announced.” 
A board meeting in public will take place before the awards, at 9.30am. 

The awards shortlist is: 
Best Primary Care Award: Dr Sebastian Moutafis, GP, The Loughton Surgery (Loughton); Prime Minister’s GP Access Fund, Delivery Team (Epping and Harlow); Renier Van Zyl, Director, Stellar Healthcare (Epping and Harlow). 
Pharmaceutical Care Award: Drhu and Pretty Vafasana, North Weald Chemist; Harlow Pharmacy team, Harlow Pharmacy; Anastasia Pelentrides and team, Boots Pharmacy, Loughton. 
Leading with care, compassion and respect award: Alzheimers Society, West Essex Memory Services; Continuing Health Care Team (west Essex); Johanna Gill, Action for Family Carers (west Essex). 
Caring Together Award: Liz McLintock, District nurse, SEPT (west Essex); Dr Soo Teom, Consultant Community Paediatrician, Hertfordshire Community Trust (west Essex); Johanna Gill, Action for Family Carers/Macmillan Carers Service (west Essex).
Individual Volunteer Award: Olive Grannell, Action for Family Carers (Harlow); Tim Atkinson, Fairycroft House Community Interest Company (Saffron Walden); Christopher Bullock, Voluntary Action Epping Forest. 
Best Team or Project Award: Compass Club Team, Epping Forest District Council; Linda Shipp, Action for Family Carers (Harlow); Paul Goddard and Kelly Rowland, Uttlesford District Council and 1Life (Saffron Walden). 
Best Health Education/Educator Award: Angie Pearson, Waltham Abbey Youth 2000; George Sydes, Little Hallingbury Primary School; Glenn Gossling, West Essex CCG (west Essex). 
CCG Unsung Hero Award: To be awarded to a member of West Essex CCG staff.
Best Service Design Award: Continuing Health Care Team, West Essex CCG; Winnie Furlong, Clinical lead - leg ulcer service, Princess Alexandra Hospital Trust; Stellar Healthcare, Central Referral Service - Deep Vein Thrombosis Pathway (Epping and Harlow). 
Celebrating Diversity Award: Claire Totman, Foster Carer (Epping); Steeple Bumpstead Surgery. 
Overall Best of West Award: Angie Pearson, Waltham Abbey Youth 2000 ; Anne Rouse, Newport Surgery; Dr Soo Teo, Consultant Community Paediatrician, Hertfordshire Community Trust.


EPPING: Care home holds tea party

12.41pm - 12th September 2016

RESIDENTS and staff of Treetops Care Home, Epping, welcomed the Mayor and Deputy Mayor to the home's annual tea party. 
Residents' families also enjoyed the occasion which included entertainment from four-piece band Section 43 who performed a range of music from popular to Caribbean. 
Sunday's Tea Party was the first to be held at the 52-bed care home in Station Road since it re-opened in March following an extensive refurbishment.
The home's activities co-ordinator, Rita Green, said: “We were delighted to welcome the Mayor (Les Burrows) and Deputy Mayor (Tony Church) to our Afternoon Tea Party. 
“The residents have been very excited during the build-up to the afternoon and they loved being able to spend some quality time with their families.” 
Residents were invited to pamper themselves in readiness for the afternoon by having their hair styled and nails manicured by Liane Firmin and Shilan Khalil from 'Liane' hairdressing and beauty salon in Chadwell Heath, who gave up their time voluntarily and visited the home on Sunday. 
Mayor Les Burrows said: "It was a pleasure to be invited to the tea party at together with the Deputy Mayor, Tony Church, and our partners, and to meet the residents and to see Sissy again, as I attended her 100th birthday party last year as Deputy Mayor with the then Mayor Mike Wright.” 
He added: “Tea and cakes together with the band were enjoyed by all. What more could we ask for on a sunny afternoon?"



LOUGHTON: Man injured in hammer attack

1.01pm - 11th September 2016

A MAN was attacked with a hammer when he answered the front door at his home in Hatfields, Loughton.
The 48-year-old victim was struck several times suffering cuts and bruises to his head and arms when the caller demanded money.
Anyone with any information about the incident which happened  at 5.05pm on Thursday, September 1, should  ring PC Rob Guiney at Loughton CID on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


CHIGWELL: Golf day raises £10,550

10.10am - 11th September 2016

A GOLF day at Woolston Manor, Chigwell, raised £10,550 for The Dream Factory charity. 
The Dream Factory founder, Avril Mills, thanked Neil Davey, chairman of Hainault-based South Eastern Electrical Ltd, for sponsoring and organising the event and for his continued support of the charity. 
She also thanked the players and volunteers for their support on the day. 
Miss Mills added: "It was a fabulous day and a fantastic result with the money raised enabling us to grant some more dreams which are currently on our waiting list."



LOUGHTON: Benches mark headteacher's retirement

9.02am - 11th September 2016

FOUR benches have been installed at Davenant Foundation School in appreciation of Chris Seward’s 15 years as headteacher.
The benches, at the front of the school, were purchased with donations from parents. 
Mr Seward said: “I’m really delighted that the parents wanted to mark my time at Davenant in such a way. I hope that the benches will be really well used for many years by students, staff and visitors to the school.”



WALTHAM ABBEY: Plans revealed for 90-bed care home

4.40pm - 9th September 2016

PLANS for a three-storey 90-bed care home in Honey Lane, Waltham Abbey, have been submitted to Epping Forest District Council. 
Applicant Caring Homes says the development would offer "dementia and nursing specific care".
Supporting documents submitted with the application state: "We consider that the proposed change of use (of land from green belt) will be complementary with the already established residential use and that the proposed nursing/residential care home will enhance all aspects in the area, including landscaping, amenity space and better use of the surrounding open space." 
The proposals - on land bordering 176 Honey Lane - includes parking for 32 vehicles, including two disabled bays.


CHIGWELL: Chapel Choir conducts Evensong at St Paul's Cathedral

3.26pm - 9th September 2016

THE Chigwell School Chapel Choir conducted Evensong at St Paul’s Cathedral, London.
The school's Director of Music, Howard Ebden, said: "The opportunity for the choir to perform and lead the worship in a venue that is historically world famous and iconic was an honour." 
The service was the school’s annual Leavers’ Service for the Chapel Choir, giving the school the chance to bid farewell to those in the choir moving on to further education. 
Mr Ebden added: "During the afternoon and in the final service the choir were heard by thousands of cathedral visitors from around the world, many of whom commented on the beauty and quality of the sound. 
"The choir members were outstanding in their maturity, musicality and deportment with attention to the minutia that the occasion demanded. They are great ambassadors for the school. 
"The music, a difficult programme of Canticles and Responses by Kenneth Leighton, resounded through the building and up into the epochal dome. 
"The interjections of the awesome and spectacular great organ of the Cathedral, played by our own Simon Winters in Mathias’ ‘Let the People Praise Thee, O God’, made a fitting anthem in which to finish the service."



LOUGHTON: Bishop presents awards at school's graduation evening

3.23pm - 9th September 2016

THE achievements of Year 13 students at Davenant Foundation School, Loughton, have been recognised at the annual Graduation Evening.
The awards ceremony was the last to be hosted by Chris Seward who has retired after 15 years as Headteacher at the school. 
Chairman of Governors Mary Vine-Morris thanked Mr Seward for his “superb leadership” over the years and also congratulated the award-winning students. 
“They have shown they can achieve whether in the classroom, on the sports field or in the community,” she said. 
Mr Seward reflected on his time at the Chester Road school and singled out the recent music tour as a “fantastic memory”. 
On his retirement - only a week to date - Mr Seward said: “It feels great! Books have been read, box sets are being watched and travel itineraries are being planned.” 
The guest speaker was the Bishop of Barking, the Rt Rev Peter Hill, who was making his first visit to Davenant. 
He congratulated the students on their achievements “in the classroom, on the sports field and in life in general”. 
Among the awards presented were: 
The Rosen Sportswoman and Sportsman of the Year Shield - Sophie Kenny and Samuel Melllen. 
The Peter Cross Football Cup - Richard Akinlade. The cup is presented in memory of Peter who died after being diagnosed with an illness which prevented him taking up a place at the University of Southampton. The award recognises the example that Peter set for others in football. 
The Jennifer Hawes Award - Anastasia Constantinides. The award is presented in memory of Jennifer who was a student at Davenant from 1993-2000. She died, aged 23, from an undiagnosed heart ailment. The award is presented to a girl who, in a range of diverse extra-curricular activities, has shown effort, commitment and a positive attitude in order to maximise her potential.



ABRIDGE: High-value bicycles stolen

9.48am - 8th September 2016

POLICE have appealed for information after seven high-value racing bicycles were stolen in Abridge. 
The bikes were taken when three intruders broke into a shed in a garden at New Farm Drive between 11.30pm on Friday, August 19, and 12.15am the following morning. 
The thieves are believed to have climbed over fences from surrounding properties and returned twice to carry away the bikes, worth a five-figure sum. 
Investigating officer PC Paul Alcock said: "This has been an upsetting crime due to the high value of these specialised and very distinctive bicycles. 
"I believe the suspects are local because we think after taking the first bikes they rode off into Ongar Road then into Abridge and returned quickly to steal the others. 
"I would like to remind anyone found in possession of the stolen items that they could be prosecuted for handling stolen goods and would urge members of the public to come forward with any information if they have seen or been offered any of these bikes.”
Anyone with any information should ring PC Alcock at Loughton Police Station on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


CHIGWELL: Hog roast raises £3,500 for Jubilee Lodge

6.03pm - 7th September 2016

SUPPORTERS of the Friends of Revitalise Jubilee Lodge, supported by The Rotary Club of Epping Forest, raised £3,500 with a hog roast at Garnish Hall, Theydon Garnon. 
Some 150 guests attended the event which was raising money for Jubilee Lodge holiday centre in Chigwell.
 As well as the lunch, guests enjoyed entertainment and activities including live music by ‘Second Nature’ a coconut shy, woodturning and stalls selling books, cakes and fresh produce including homemade jam, marmalade and chutney. 
All the proceeds go towards supporting Revitalise Jubilee Lodge which provides breaks for disabled people and their carers from around the south east region and beyond. 
Revitalise Jubilee Lodge supporter Ros Dover said: "Thanks to the hospitality of Di Collins we were yet again able to hold our annual Hog Roast at Garnish Hall and I am delighted to say it was a huge success.
"My thanks go to everyone who supported us."


LOUGHTON: Retail giants commit to shopping park

8.37am - 7th September 2016

MORE than half of the outlets at the yet-to-be-built Epping Forest Shopping Park in Langston Road, Loughton, have been taken with Next, Aldi, TK Maxx, Mothercare and Hobbycraft among the stores set to open. 
Work on the shopping park is scheduled to begin on Monday. 
A report to next week's district council finance and performance management cabinet committee states: "The marketing of the units has been progressing over the last year with the anchor tenants already having reached agreement. 
"These being Next, Aldi, Smyths Toys, Mothercare, TJX (UK) Ltd and Hobbycraft, who account for in excess of 50 per cent of the total sales area of the Retail Park. 
"Once construction begins marketing will focus on the remaining generally smaller units which are anticipated to achieve higher rents than originally forecast. 
"The current project plan anticipates a shell completion with ready for tenant fit in May-June 2017, and the opening of the park expected to take place in September 2017."


WALTHAM ABBEY: Town holding Neighbourhood Plan meeting

5.40pm - 6th September 2016

THE inaugural meeting of the Waltham Abbey Neighbourhood Plan Group will be held at Waltham Abbey Town Hall on Monday (September 12) at 7.30pm. 
The meeting, which is open to all, is a chance to get involved in the future of the town and its environs. 
A Neighbourhood Plan enables a community to work together to produce a plan that will enhance the area for everyone.
 Anyone interested in shaping the future of Waltham Abbey is welcome to attend. 
Residents will be invited to form the committee which will formulate a new vision for the future of Waltham Abbey and the surrounding areas. 
The committee will research, discuss and formulate plans dealing with issues such as the need for housing, tourism, leisure and recreation as well as considering the impact on local businesses, transport and community facilities. 
The project is expected to take up to two years to complete before being put to residents in a Yes/No referendum.


LOUGHTON: School's £2m expansion plans revealed

5.38pm - 6th September 2016

PLANS for the £2m expansion of White Bridge Primary School go on show to the public next Wednesday (September 14). 
Parents and residents will get a first look at the proposals at a public exhibition at the Greensted Road school between 3pm and 6.30pm. 
The project, funded by Essex County Council, would see a total of 210 new places created to help meet the growing demand in the Loughton area. 
The construction of a new nine class extension is proposed, as well as an external play/learning area with a canopy for the reception classes and 14 additional parking spaces. 
Council officers and the project manager, architect and planning consultant will be on hand to discuss the proposals. 
Details will also be available at www.essexinsight.org.uk (under themes and projects - current consultations) throughout the consultation period which runs from Wednesday (September 14) until close of business on Tuesday, September 27. 
Councillor Ray Gooding, Essex County Council's education and lifelong learning cabinet member, said: “We continue to be able to offer the vast majority of pupils a place at one of their parents’ preferred schools and our ongoing investment is vital in maintaining that track record. 
“We are planning to spend about £360m over the next three years on creating thousands of new school spaces across Essex. 
“Projects such as this one at White Bridge Primary School are crucial if we are to continue to meet the rising demand for places and I am very happy with the proposals. 
“I would encourage residents and parents to have their say by taking part in the consultation process.” 
White Bridge Primary School headteacher Julie Witteridge said: “We are pleased with the plans for expansion that have been developed in partnership with Essex County Council. 
“With the growing demand for school places in the locality we currently have to teach some children in temporary classrooms. 
“We are therefore delighted that the proposed plans would replace these and allow us to teach everyone within the main building in new permanent classrooms. This would enhance our provision for present and future pupils.” 
Subject to the outcome of the consultation and planning process, it is hoped work will start by March 2017 with the new classrooms open for January 2018.


DISTRICT: CCG appoints new Accountable Officer

5.01pm - 6th September 2016

A NEW Accountable Officer has been appointed to NHS West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group.
Deborah Fielding specialises in service transformation and comes to west Essex from Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group where she was Accountable Officer since the CCG's inception in 2012. 
Before that she was a deputy CEO at NHS Havering and director of strategy and partnerships at NHS South East Essex PCT for over six years. 
She takes over the leadership of the organisation from Andrew Geldard who was acting Chief Officer during the recruitment period after Clare Morris, the former chief officer, left. 
Mr Geldard remains at West Essex CCG in an interim position to support the delivery of its Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP). 
Deborah said: “I’m really happy to be here and have received a warm welcome from everyone I’ve met so far. I was well aware of West Essex CCG’s excellent record in involving local people in the development of their vision and plans.” 
Deborah’s heart is in community-based, population health and out of hospital care. 
She said: “I’m impressed with what West Essex CCG has already achieved in making that vision a reality.
"A lot of good work has been done and my aim is to help realise this vision. 
“I can see the potential for transforming new policy into practice very quickly in this environment. It is about how we bring people together. There is a lot of support from the local authority, our providers and the already established Accountable Care Organisation.” 
She added: "I am a proud Essex girl and I have worked in the NHS for many years. I was a community nurse and health visitor, so I have a passion for community and public health. 
"For the last four years I’ve been in Wiltshire, as an Accountable Officer, but I was keen to return to Essex and I am really positive about the work West Essex CCG is doing.” 
West Essex CCG chairman Dr Rob Gerlis said: “I am delighted that Deborah has taken on the challenge of this role to transform our health and social care system into one of the best in the country. 
"I am looking forward to working with her and building on the work that has already been done since the CCG was set up, as are my other GP colleagues.”


DRAFT LOCAL PLAN: Register to receive Draft Local Plan news updates by email

3.09pm - 6th September 2016

THE Draft Local Plan - which will include possible development sites across the district - is set to be the hottest news topic affecting the district for years. 
Publication of Epping Forest District Council's Draft Local Plan is now just three weeks away and Everything Epping Forest is launching its coverage which will keep you up-to-date on all the Plan news - the views of local councils, as well as readers' comments and details of meetings and exhibitions across the district.
Everything Epping Forest will be highlighting articles about the specific areas which the district council has identified as potential development sites as it looks to find land for thousands of new homes across the district. 
Details of Epping Forest District Council's public consultation will be publicised shortly but Everything Epping Forest is keen to highlight your views to as wide an audience as possible. 
In addition to coverage on the Everything Epping Forest website - www.everythingeppingforest.co.uk - all EEF's Draft Local Plan news will be available by email.
Updates will also be posted on Everything Epping Forest's social media feeds - the Everything Epping Forest Facebook page and group, and on Twitter (follow @eefnews). 
The council's public consultation period will run until into December but Everything Epping Forest also wants to hear what you think of the proposals once they are published towards the end of this month.

If you would like to register to receive Everything Epping Forest's Draft Local Plan news by email, please email everythingeppingforest@gmail.com with LOCAL PLAN in the subject line.


THORNWOOD: No objection to nursing home extensions

3.06pm - 6th September 2016

NO objection has been voiced by North Weald Bassett Parish Council to plans to extend Weald Hall Nursing Home, Thornwood Common. 
Nine additional bedrooms are proposed for the home which specialises in dementia care. 
However parish councillors have voiced concern over the access and the additional traffic the rooms - in a single and two-storey extension - will attract to Weald Hall Lane and Duck Lane. 
Councillor Elaine Godwin-Brown told Monday's planning committee meeting: "There is a call for this sort of accommodation and in this area. There will be an increase in traffic."


NORTH WEALD: Vacancy on parish council

3.04pm - 6th September 2016

A VACANCY exists on North Weald Bassett Parish Council following councillor Deborah Adams's absence from council meetings for more than six months. 
Notices highlighting the vacancy will be posted on the council's noticeboards.


ONGAR: Gravestones fail safety checks

2.54pm - 6th September 2016

A NUMBER of memorials in Ongar Cemetery have had to be laid down after failing safety checks. 
Ongar Town Council has a duty to ensure that the cemetery is a safe place for anyone to visit and this includes making sure all the memorials can withstand anything that is likely to happen.
People often use them for support when tending the grave and the council is mindful that accidents can happen. 
The memorials must be regularly tested to ensure that they comply with the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons (BRAMM) standard. 
The council recently employed a professional contractor to carry out a programme of memorial testing and several were found to be unstable. 
Deputy town clerk Judith Farr, who is responsible for the management of Ongar Cemetery in Love Lane, said: “Unfortunately several memorials were found to be unsafe and to prevent any further damage have been laid flat temporarily to allow relatives time to investigate options for repairs. 
“The council has tried to contact all the relatives concerned but not all the contact details held by the council are current. The council is therefore appealing to relatives to ensure that they inform the council of any change of circumstances.” 
Meanwhile, the town council has received complaints from relatives regarding unauthorised memorials which have been placed on graves in the cemetery. 
Various items including vases, balloons and wind chimes have been left on graves despite the cemetery rules forbidding such items. Councillors are concerned these items may represent a danger to staff while carrying out their duties, to visitors to the cemetery and to wildlife. 
Councillors are appealing to relatives to remove the items and will review the situation in three months.
Anyone with any questions can contact their local councillor or deputy clerk Judith Farr on 01277 365348 or email deputyclerk@ongartowncouncil.gov.uk


SHEERING: New M11 junction gets funding boost

8.02am - 1st September 2016

ESSEX County Council has received Government funding of £1.5m towards the cost of design work for a new Junction 7A on the M11 at Sheering. 
The council made the bid to the Department of Transport through the South East Local Enterprise Partnership. 
The funding will contribute to ongoing works designing and creating the new junction between junctions 7 and 8. 
The plans will be shaped by the results of a recent consultation into the proposals which are due to be released this summer.
Harlow Council last night supported a motion to back the proposed new junction.


DISTRICT: Food collection provides 2,161 meals

8.00am - 1st September 2016

TESCO customers donated food for 2,161 meals during the eighth Neighbourhood Food Collection. 
The collection was held in partnership with Tesco and charity partners The Trussell Trust and Fareshare.
Loughton Foodbank, part of The Trussell Trust Foodbank Network, and supported by Restore Community Church and St Mary’s Church Loughton, collected in the Epping Tesco store with support from local Rotary clubs, Loughton Foodbank volunteers, St Mary’s Church and transport from the Essex Fire and Rescue Service Community Team. 
Loughton Foodbank manager Heather Scholer said: “We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who took part in this summer’s Neighbourhood Food Collection. 
"We saw some incredible donations - overflowing bags from many donors and others cleared shelves of instant mash and sponge pudding! 
"Whether you donated or volunteered in store this year we want to say a sincere thank you because your generosity and support has a direct impact. 
"It is only with the support of local people that the foodbank is able to continue giving vital help when someone is hit by something like illness, redundancy or an unexpected bill.” 
During the collection, customers were asked to donate non-perishable food items such as long-life milk, tinned vegetables and tinned fish. 
Forty volunteers from the Loughton Foodbank, Rotary clubs and Essex Fire and Rescue Community Team joined with Tesco staff to collect donations from customers. 
The Rotary clubs also collected £264 for the Loughton Foodbank while Tesco topped up all food donations by 20 per cent.