This page features the 2012 local council elections in the Epping Forest district on Thursday, May 3, in 22 of the Epping Forest District Council wards and also for Loughton Town Council and Buckhurst Hill Parish Council.. 
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LETTER: Voters told me they liked our message


7.14am - 8th May 2012

I WOULD like to thank everyone who voted for me in Buckhurst Hill West for the district council and Buckhurst Hill East for the parish council. 
I came within just 27 votes of getting a seat on Buckhurst Hill Parish Council. 
Voters told me they liked our message of an open and transparent parish council that will put the people first. 
I will continue to put pressure on the new all Tory council that it keeps to its promises and will work harder to become the first Green councillor in the area. 

Steven Neville


LETTER: I promise to be a strong voice


8.30am - 6th May 2012

I WOULD like to thank everyone who took the time and effort to vote for me in the Buckhurst Hill West election. 
I am very pleased to say I got elected and will work hard for all local residents on the district and parish council. 
I would still be keen to hear from residents with any local issues or concerns so feel free to email me at
I promise to work hard all year round and be a strong voice.
Thank you so much again. 

Cllr Gavin Chambers


MP hails "vote of confidence" results


8.47pm - 4th May 2012

THE district council election result which saw the Tories swell their numbers by two councillors demonstrates a "terrific vote of confidence" in the Conservative group, Epping Forest MP Eleanor Laing has said. 
Speaking at the count this afternoon, Mrs Laing said: "Once again Epping Forest has bucked the national trend.
“Our Conservative group on the district council has done a brilliant job over the last year keeping council tax at last year's level saving taxpayers money but not cutting frontline services.
"They (the Conservative group) have been rewarded with a terrific vote of confidence by the electorate." 
She added: "I am sad but not surprised to see some of our disappointing results around the country. 
“On the doorsteps people have been telling me that they feel ignored, they want the Prime Minister to show that he understands the difficulties people are having and to give them some hope that things will soon get better. 
"The Prime Minister has a really tough job to do clearing up the mess left by Labour while balancing the coalition. 
“I am sure he will pay attention to the message that the British people have said to him today. 
"I hope he will listen to the grassroots of the Conservative party – the real people of Britain– rather than the intellectual urban elite who seem to surround him. 
"Margaret Thatcher once said ‘every Prime Minister need a Willie' referring to Willie Whitelaw. 
"It is a pity that David Cameron doesn't have a Whitelaw-type figure, with wisdom and experience to give him advice.”


Tories and Loughton Residents Association gain seats


4.01pm - 4th May 2012

THE Conservatives and Loughton Residents Association have each gained two seats in the district council elections. The Tories now have 39 of the 58 seats while Loughton Residents Association are up to 12 seats. 
The Liberal Democrats lost two seats (now four) and the Independents are down to two. 
The British National Party lost their only council seat.
Scroll down to see the results in each council ward.

Sarah Girling (@Girling77 on Twitter) wrote: Thanks for the coverage, very helpful!


Father and son standing for election


9.18pm - 18th April 2012

ROGER Neville and his son, Steven, are both standing for the Green Party in Buckhurst Hill. 
Steven, who has stood before, is standing for the district council seat in Buckhurst Hill West. 
In a recent parish council by-election The Green Party achieved 30 per cent of the vote. 
Roger, 65, has lived in Buckhurst most of his life. He is standing in Buckhurst Hill West for the parish council election.
Roger said: "I thought I would stand in Buckhurst Hill West to give people an alternative to the highly party political events that have recently affected the parish council. 
"Greens, if elected, will give an independent voice for voters on the council. This is what parish councils should really be all about.
"Unfortunately this has not been the case in Buckhurst Hill since its creation in 1996 and especially recently. 
"People are tired of the traded insults and I was appalled when the ruling group resigned for what seemed to be party political reasons."
Steven, 36, said: "I am glad my dad is joining me in our fight for a new kind of politics where we, the parish councillors, simply serve the community, and treat voters with respect. That is also what the Green Party is all about." 
Steven is one of five Green Party candidates standing in Buckhurst Hill East for the parish council.


YOUR VIEWS: Are people losing interest in local democracy?


5.50pm - 5th April 2012

EIGHTEEN parish council wards are uncontested in the local elections this year. 
It means that elections are being held for just Loughton Town Council and Buckhurst Hill Parish Council (as well as for 23 seats on Epping Forest District Council). 
Do you think people are losing interest in local politics? 
Why is it that people do not want to stand for election and serve their local communities? 
Email your comments to or send your comments via Twitter - @eefnews

Leon Girling (@LeonGirling on Twitter) wrote - Are people losing interest in local democracy? Yes. You only need to see how numbers of people turning out to vote has declined. think the media needs to take some responsibility for helping residents understand that local elections are about local issues. Local residents need to put people into the council who have a genuine passion for the area, the people and issues they represent.

Ben Murphy (@benjmurf on Twitter)
wrote: I'm stunned that there are so many uncontested seats! I hope people realise this is how extremist parties get themselves elected. Or a positive spin on this - people are content with council services so they aren't driven to turn out and vote. People vote for change!

Abby Wright-Parkes (@optimistconsult on Twitter)
wrote: Yes. Need to engage people more. Have you seen the latest 'vote in the London election' posters? They use avatars and are obviously aimed at young people.


District council election round-up


5.50pm - 5th April 2012

EIGHTY-nine candidates are fighting it out for the 23 Epping Forest District Council seats up for grabs in this year's elections. 
One seat is up for election in 21 of the wards with two seats to be filled in Epping Lindsey and Thornwood Common following the resignation of councillor Sarah Packford. 
Three other Conservatives are retiring - former council leader Di Collins (Passingford, Jonathan Collier (Waltham Abbey Honey Lane) and Bill Pryor (Waltham Abbey South West). Liberal Democrat councillor Jill Sutcliffe (Buckhurst Hill West) is also standing down.

Current make-up of the 58-seat district council:
Conservatives 37
Loughton Residents Association 10
Liberal Democrats 6
Independent 3
Labour 1
British National Party 1


Former Liberal Democrat councillor to stand for Green Party


8.06am - 5th April 2012

FORMER Buckhurst Hill Liberal Democrat councillor Len Martin has transferred to The Green Party. 
Mr Martin, who will be The Green Party candidate for Buckhurst Hill East in the district council elections, said: "I left the Lib Dems when they joined in coalition with the Tories in government.
"I felt betrayed because the Tories stand for so many things the Lib Dems claimed to be against and I have found my home in the Green Party who would not have ended tuition fees, would have kept the Education Maintenance Allowance and not cut vital public services. 
"They stand for much of what the Lib Dems were supposed to stand for and locally I have been impressed by their team. I also felt betrayed totally when the local Lib Dems let the Tories take over the (Buckhurst Hill) Parish Council. It was weak and spineless and voters were treated with no respect whatsoever. 
"The Lib Dems are finished in Buckhurst Hill. I urge people who want to make a real difference in Buckhurst Hill to vote for me and the Green Party on 3rd May 2012." 
Mr Martin is joined by former Liberal Democrat member Roger Neville who is standing for in Buckhurst Hill West in the parish council elections.




Ward councillor whose term of office ends this year - Dev Dodeja (Liberal Democrats)


Councillor elected - Neville Wright (Con). Turnout 32.55 per cent

Dev Dodeja (Liberal Democrats) 251 votes

Andrew Forsey (Labour) - 199 votes

Leonard Martin (Green Party) 207 votes

Neville Wright (Conservative) - 488 votes ELECTED




Ward councillor whose term of office ends this year - Jill Sutcliffe (Liberal Democrats)


Councillor elected - Gavin Chambers (Con). Turnout 30.82 per cent

Gavin Chambers (Conservative) - 765 ELECTED
I have been a parish councillor for Buckhurst Hill since 2009 and am currently vice-chairman of the parish council and chairman of planning and development. I have been working along with the other six Conservative councillors on the parish and dealing with the deep-rooted problems that the Liberal Democrats left behind when they recently walked out from the council. I am a senior manager in a local London NHS Trust and also a school governor at a primary school in Buckhurst Hill. Over the last few years Buckhurst Hill residents have contacted me on a variety of local issues and I hope they feel I responded in a timely fashion and where possible have helped with the issues  faced. Being a local councillor is a voluntary role and it is my love for Buckhurst Hill which makes me want to represent local people on the parish and also the district council. I would welcome views about any concerns people have in Buckhurst Hill. I can be contacted at

Steven Neville (Green Party) - 99 votes
Steven was born in Epping and has lived his whole life in Buckhurst Hill. He is a committed Christian who cares passionately about the environment and improving the local area. He joined the Green Party as he felt it took environmental issues and social justice issues most seriously. He is a hard working campaigner who has worked for local residents getting local issues such as pot holes sorted, he set up a pilot Neighbourhood Watch scheme in Rous Road and hopes to extend this further into other roads. He is chairman of Epping Forest 20 is Plenty which aims for all residential roads to have 20 mph speed limit as most accidents happen in residential roads. 

Ben Spencer (Labour Party) 129 votes

Sarah Unwin (Liberal Democrat)504 votes

Gerard 'Mark' Wadsworth (UK Independence Party) - 134 votes
Mark lives in Buckhurst Hill with his family and commutes to London every day. He is a Chartered Tax Advisor and takes a particular interest in flat tax and benefits policies. 
Mark said: "We oppose political union with the EU because of its excessive cost, bureaucracy and our strong commitment to democracy. 
"We believe that local government would benefit from our policies, including: elected boards for education and police; local referendums on important issues like planning; more financial independence for local councils so they can work for us and not for Whitehall or Brussels.
"Our Council Tax and national taxes are much too complicated and create work for tax advisors like myself. 
"I strongly believe in simplifying tax and making elected bodies accountable through the money we pay them and the ballot box."




Ward councillor whose term of office ends this year - Brian Sandler (Conservative)


Councllor re-elected
- Brian Sandler (Con). Turnout 28.31 per cent

Alison Garnham (Green Party) - 60 votes
Alison Garnham was born in the north east but came to live in Essex in 1993 when she married. She lives in Chigwell. Now working as Director of Boarding at Chigwell School, Alison is standing in Chigwell Row to give as many local people as possible the chance to vote Green and show politicians of all colours that the people of this country take environmental issues seriously. Alison is particularly keen to see everyone have access to decent affordable housing, in particular people looking to get their first foot on the property ladder. It is also essential that rural bus services are maintained so that people don’t become isolated and that public transport remains affordable to all. 

Shaheen Hosseinpour (Labour) - 64 votes

Enid Robinson (Liberal Democrats) 30 votes

Brian Sandler (Conservative) - 399 votes ELECTED




Ward councillor whose term of office ends this year - John Knapman (Conservative)

Councillor re-elected - John Knapman (Con). Turnout 28.31 per cent

Lucy Bostick (UK Independence Party) - 173 votes
Lucy grew up in Woodford Green and has lived in Epping Forest for the past four years. She is a specialist in financial regulation, having worked in the City for more than a decade, and has a particular interest in fairness for the consumer and small businesses. 
She said: "The UK is the best in the world at financial services, but under the EU our prestige is fading. It's time to stand up for our heritage and put ourselves back in control of our future. 
"I am a strong advocate of transparency and answerability at every level of business and Government. Corruption and incompetence are unacceptable for the people of Epping Forest."
In her free time, Lucy keeps bees on her allotments and volunteers locally at the St. Clare Hospice charity shops.

Alexander Kite (Labour)93 votes

John Knapman (Conservative) 587 votes ELECTED

Christopher Lord (Green Party) - 46 votes
Chris grew up in South Woodford and has lived in Chigwell Village for over 20 years, working as a teacher at Chigwell School. 
He said: “The Green Party is the only one not facing up squarely to the global problems of climate change and pollution, as well as the forthcoming energy crisis.
"We are not, however, just about 'saving the planet' but also work for justice and fairness here and now. 
"At a local level we seek to improve the quality of our lives by sensible planning, developing a sense of community, and improving transport, especially buses, trains, walking and cycling."

George Lund (Liberal Democrats) - 22 votes




Ward councillor whose term of office ends this year - Jon Whitehouse (Liberal Democrats)


Councillor re-elected
- Jon Whitehouse (Lib Dem). Turnout 36.19 per cent

Lorraine Collier (Labour) - 182 votes

Janet Hedges (Conservative) - 482 votes
I have lived in Epping for many years and am in touch with the needs and aspirations of local people who, like me, want to ensure we have a safe and pleasant place in which to live. As one of your local councillors, I have a record of campaigning on your behalf and getting things done. I am passionate about our communities and want to see Epping and Coopersale remain attractive and vibrant places for us to live and work in and for our children to grow up in. Residents have told me they want to see action on the issues that matter to them, not just talk. I share that desire. As chairman of the town council's planning committee I have fought to retain the diversity of shops on Epping High Street. I believe the district council must respond to the views of local residents on the issues that affect them, such as parking and the redevelopment of the St John's Road site, and I will ensure this happens. I will work hard to represent you and protect all that is best about Epping and Coopersale.

Andrew Smith (UK Independence Party) - 244 votes
Andrew has lived and raised his family in Epping for 30 years and works in the City helping new businesses form and existing ones grow. His interests include what bureaucrats call 'the built environment' and he is a strong supporter of the Green Belt and protecting our communities. 
He said: "There is no conflict between good surroundings and adequate housing - it just needs more thought." 
Andrew is chairman of UKIP in Epping Forest and represented UKIP at Westminster and MEP elections. 
He has worked to protect the Green Belt so future generations can enjoy the open spaces in our district.

Jon Whitehouse (Liberal Democrats) - 883 votes ELECTED




Ward councillor whose term of office ends this year - Christopher Whitbread (Conservative). Resigning councillor - Sarah Packford (Conservative) - two seats up for election.


Councillor re-elected
- Chris Whitbread (Con)
Councillor elected - Tony Church (Con)
Turnout 34.26 per cent

Tony Church (Conservative) - 957 votes ELECTED

Steven Harding (Labour) - 486 votes
I live in St John's Road, and love Epping's quality of life and sense of community. Local Conservative councillors have failed to listen to residents on issues from parking to planning, and their plans for Epping town centre will endanger the High Street. In the 2011 local elections I took second place for Labour. The Liberal Democrats cannot win here. Epping needs fresh voices that can stand up for Epping and local residents, and councillors who can properly challenge the Conservative-led council to act in the best interests of the community. I would be proud to serve Epping as a local councillor.

Lynn Hughes (Liberal Democrats)153 votes

Simon Hughes (Liberal Democrats) - 112 votes

Barry Johns (Green Party) - 166 votes
I have lived in Epping for 42 years with my wife Pamela who was a local nurse. I spent the whole of my working career working for BT and retired after 30 years. The Green Party will give you the opportunity to shake up our current three main parties. All these parties are remarkably similar when you look at their policies and they frequently close ranks when the occasion demands, therefore fudging their different political stands So vote for the Green Party at the district council election and be reassured that the Green Party will stand firm on their policies.

Scott Lister (Labour) - 417 votes
Together with Steven Harding I run a business in Epping and I know that it is a fantastic place to work. Together we promise to support businesses in the area. For many years I practised as a nurse in the NHS covering Essex and London, and am currently training as a lawyer. I know the importance of public services to people in Epping, and I am unafraid to stand up to authority and vested interests to defend vital public services in Epping against thoughtless Government cuts. Steven and I hope that, with your support, we can win this year for you. If you want local councillors that can and will stand up for you, then please vote for Steven and I on May 3.

Christopher Whitbread (Conservative) - 907 votes ELECTED
Chris Whitbread was born and bred in Epping and lives and works in the town with his family. Chris shares the concerns of his fellow residents who feel our communities will suffer if genuine consideration is not given to local needs. Having grown up in Epping, he is passionate about our local community and has a record of action in addressing the issues that matter to local people. Chris wants to make sure that we protect all that is best about our area and its environment. Chris has a proven track record of standing up and speaking out for the interests of Epping and Thornwood Common. 
* Chris and your Local Conservatives will work to ensure the district council supports the view of the majority of local people who respond to the St John's Road consultation. He won't accept any development that Epping doesn't want. 
* Chris will fight to protect our Green Belt. 
* Chris will press for Essex County Council to improve our local roads and pavements and address parking concerns in Thornwood Common and Epping. 
* Chris supports our local shops. He introduced free Saturday parking in our car parks and weekday charges have been frozen for two years. 
Over the past four years Chris has been part of the team that has made a positive difference to our local area and its people, but there remain many challenges ahead. With your support he will continue to serve our area, and aim to make life better for all who live and work in our community. Chris makes a clear pledge to always put Epping & Thornwood Common first. To contact Chris, ring 01992 573557 or email




Ward councillor whose term of office ends this year - Alan Lion (Conservative)


Councilllor re-elected
- Alan Lion (Con)

Alan Lion (Conservative) - 770 votes ELECTED

Ish Matharu (Liberal Democrats) - 212 votes

Tal Ofer (Labour) - 280 votes




Ward councillor whose term of office ends this year - none (election being held because of boundary change)


Councillor re-elected
- Richard Morgan (Ind). Turnout 33.88 per cent

Richard Morgan (Independent) - 538 votes ELECTED
my business as a farmer and my continuing involvement with the local villages, as well as having lived in this area all my life, allows me to understand all the wants and needs of the whole community. As a truly Independent councillor I have represented Hastingwood, Matching and Sheering Village for the past ten years. For the previous 19 years I represented Moreton and Matching. 
I have served on all the major district council committees and am currently heavily involved in both planning and development, as well as being chairman of the licensing committee at council cabinet level. I had the honour to serve the whole district as chairman of council in 2004-05. I am an elected member of both Sheering and Matching parish councils and attend North Weald meetings when matters relating to Hastingwood are on the agenda. I support small affordable housing developments and 'in-keeping' improvements to local housing, such as Clifford Close in Matching Tye, but do not believe that large scale development such as the proposed 1,200 homes nearby, at Gilden Way, should be allowed to encroach on our valuable green areas. My aim is to keep council taxation to a minimum and protect the beauty of our countryside, whilst maintaining adequate housing, services, employment and leisure facilities accessible to all.

Laurence Morter (Labour) - 82 votes




Ward councillor whose term of office ends this year - Maggie McEwen (Conservative)


Councillor re-elected
- Maggie McEwen (Con). Turnout 27.65 per cent

Jeremy Barnecutt (Green Party) - 31 votes
Jeremy works as a solicitor in London and is president of the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal. He has lived in Ongar for over 25 years and has been appointed chairman of the Trustees of the Friends of St Martins and St Peters and is a member of the Parochial Church Council. His interests include forestry, carpentry and local history. He has planted three of his own woods with approximately 12,000 trees. Jeremy is a firm defender of social justice both within his profession and in the local community. If elected, Jeremy would strive to improve the local economy through promoting rights for small business owners and promoting local produce.

Maggie McEwen (Conservative) - 345 ELECTED

Lewis Montlake (Labour) - 51 votes

Robin Tilbrook (English Democrats Party) - 63 votes




Ward councillor whose term of office ends this year - Rose Brookes (Loughton Residents Association)


Councillor elected
- Tracey Thoimas (LRA). Turnout 26.29 per cent

Angela Ayre (Labour) - 127 votes

Paul Morris (Independent) - 88 votes

B. Patel (Liberal Democrats) - 10 votes

Roger Taylor (Conservative) - 135 votes

Tracey Thomas (Loughton Residents Association) - 513 votes ELECTED

Benjamin Wille (Green Party) - 25 votes
Ben is a teacher of Classics and Drama at Chigwell School. He has recently become convinced that the Green Party presents by far the best set of policies for improving the quality of life both on the planet as a whole and in our local area. His main priority is defending public services, in particular public transport and rural bus services and will also work hard to encourage the government to provide affordable, sustainable housing and better walking and cycling facilities.




Ward councillor whose term of office ends this year - Patricia Richardson (British National Party)


Councillor elected - Leon Girlng (LRA). Turnout 25.21 per cent

Neal Bagshaw (Conservative) - 110 votes
I am 34 and have lived in the district for eight years. I have worked both in the public and the private sector and currently work as an advisor to a London NHS Trust. If I am elected I promise I will put Broadway top of the agenda at district council level and will fight to make sure that the traffic issues and litter problems along The Broadway are addressed. I am also increasingly concerned about the anti-social behaviour in the area and want to help tackle this with the local constabulary. I will be as strong voice for Loughton Broadway if elected on May 3.

Simon Bullough (Labour) - 174 votes

Leon Girling (Loughton Residents Association) - 424 votes ELECTED
Loughton is a great place to live. I have lived in Willingale Road (within the ward) for four years and before that I lived in Chigwell. I am married and we have a son aged two, attending a local nursery. I studied at Epping Forest College in 1992-94, my wife went to Davenant School and we have attended a local church for 20+ years. I have been organising and participating in local community events since the age of 16. I am also a school governor, with the responsibility for safeguarding children at a local primary school. I am passionate about local issues and want the views and opinions of residents in Loughton Broadway Ward represented at town, district and county council level. The LRA has no political agenda. It exists only to protect and improve our town and represent Loughton people. I am very excited to stand of behalf of the LRA. If elected I wish to improve services and facilities for local residents, in particular young families and young people. I seek to improve the local transport and road network, make the area safer for all and develop events to bring the community together.

Raymond Harris (Independent) - 26 votes

Patricia Richardson (British National Party) - 94 votes
I have been a ward councillor for eight years, four of them on the Broadway ward. There are promises that can be made and then there are actual things achieved, two very different things. I have helped many people with their problems. I don't make political advantage from this, but just get on with the job. There are some serious matters that need to be challenged and in that respect I will try my hardest to get the peoples views listened to, after all this is a local election and as such is concerned with local issues.




Ward councillor whose term of office ends this year - David Wixley (Loughton Residents Association)


Councillor re-elected
- David Wixley (LRA).Turnout 24.17 per cent
Stephen Barnes (Labour) - 155 votes

Edward Butler (English Democrats Party) - 97 votes

Iqbal Kalkat (Conservative) - 114 votes

David Wixley (Loughton Residents Association) - 428 votes ELECTED




Ward councillor whose term of office ends this year - James Hart (Conservative)


Councillor re-elected
- James Hart (Con). Turnout 38.49 per cent

Rose Brookes (Loughton Residents Association) - 575 votes

James Hart (Conservative) - 654 votes ELECTED

Margaret Owen (Labour) - 57 votes

Peter Sinfield (Liberal Democrats) - 21 votes




Ward councillor whose term of office ends this year - Ken Angold-Stephens (Loughton Residents Association)


Councillor re-elected
- Ken Angold-Stephens (LRA). Turnout 32.49 per cent

Ken Angold-Stephens (Loughton Residents Association) - 737 votes ELECTED

Keith Buckley (Conservative) - 246 votes

Deborah Wild (Labour) - 179 votes




Ward councillor whose term of office ends this year - Caroline Pond (Loughton Residents Association)


Councillor elected - Caroline Pond (Loughton Residents Association). Turnout 32.53 per cent

Jill Bostock (Labour) - 85 votes
I am a long-term Loughton resident. Born in Epping, "an original Essex girl". Widow of Paul, a Labour district councillor for Loughton, I am the mother of three children who all went to local state schools, and will have to move from this area to be able to find affordable housing. I recently retired from the NHS working in an inner London borough with large areas of deprivation. Government cuts are very evident in the reduction of services to families with young children with the local health needs not being suitably addressed because of staffing reductions. I am an active member of Loughton Methodist Church and am usually seen making tea/coffee in the church café. I am "Jill of all trades" at Copped Hall Mansion Epping, and can often be found at the main entrance gate greeting visitors. I was a school governor at Oak View School Loughton, which linked in with my work which involved families with special needs children, and I hope this helped me be a more effective school governor. 
If elected my areas of interest would be: 
Planning - any new development to benefit residents and local business, to be low density, affordable and attractive. Full use to be made of urban land and not existing green space.
Housing - fair distribution of social housing. The need to fully use all local housing. 
Front line services - public service cuts are having an impact on all ages in the community from toddlers at a Childrens Centre to all ages using the library. I would fight to reduce these cuts.

Jim Coombes (Green Party) - 39 votes
Jim has lived in Loughton for 30 years and is a co-founder of 'Transition Epping Forest' which seeks to encourage us all to be more local, less polluted, more neighbourly, less stressed and more resilient to the effects of scarce resources and climate change. The Coombes family keep chickens and grow their own fruit and vegetables. Jim believes our dependency on cheap oil, which is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain, has prevented communities from working together to provide sustainable solutions. If elected, he will work closely with all local residents to properly represent them at the district council.

Caroline Pond (Loughton Residents Association) - 700 votes ELECTED

Pat Reynolds (Conservative) - 298 votes




Ward councillor whose term of office ends this year - Rodney Barrett (Conservative)


Councillor elected - Harvey Mann (Con). Turnout 33.21 per cent

Rodney Barrett (Conservative) - 459 votes

Michael Finan (Labour) - 84 votes

Harvey Mann (Loughton Residents Association) - 601 votes ELECTED

Thomas Richardson (British National Party) - 56 votes




Ward councillor whose term of office ends this year - Tony Boyce (Conservative)


Councillor re-elected
- Tony Boyce (Con). Turnout 28.79 per cent

Ingrid Black (Liberal Democrats) - 35 votes

Tony Boyce (Conservative) - 343 votes ELECTED

Nicola Harries (Green Party) - 42 votes
Nicola Harries is standing for election for the Green Party for the fourth year. She is a family lawyer who runs her own business in Ongar where she has lived for the last 25 years. She is heavily involved in the Ongar Town Forum, which aims to maintain the vibrancy of Ongar High Street. Nicola is a trustee of the Budworth Hall and chairs Ongar Music Club. She is firmly committed to supporting local trade and small businesses in order to promote the local economy.

Alison Wingfield (Labour) - 33 votes




Ward councillor whose term of office ends this year - Di Collins (Conservative)


Councillor eleced
- Heather Brady (Con). Turnout 25.82 per cent

Louis Appiah (Labour) - 28 votes

Heather Brady (Conservative) - 402 votes ELECTED

Brian Surtees (Liberal Democrats) - 44 votes
Brian Surtees is a retired probation officer and Self Supporting Priest in the Church of England. He has experience of local democracy as a parish councillor in Ongar and is committed to the interests of smaller communities. He has experience of working in rural areas and has a close interest in planning issues that affect the lives of local people and the viability of established businesses. If elected Brian's priority would be to listen to constituents and reflect the needs and priorities of the community as effectively as possible. His commitment to principles of fairness and justice mean that he is wary of sweeping legislative changes that do not always reflect the needs of smaller communities.




Ward councillor whose term of office ends this year - John Philip (Conservative)


Councillor re-elected
- John Philip (Con). Turnout 39.06 per cent

Roland Frankel (Liberal Democrats) - 528 votes

Daniel Kieve (Green Party) - 17 votes
Daniel has been working for years as a professional musician but having realised the urgency with which we need to act to save the eco-systems on which we all depend, he is now studying for an MSc in Environmental Technology, specialising in Water Management at Imperial College London. Daniel has lived in the Epping Forest area for most of his life and was inspired to join the Green Party in 2008, seeing it as the only political party with a holistic approach to the problems of society, the environment and individual well being. He strongly believes this is the only way to achieve a real improvement in all three vital areas of life. By bringing about changes at an individual grassroots level, including local food growing and energy efficiency and production schemes, Daniel hopes for a more resilient community to face the challenges of an uncertain future.

Martin Lawford (Labour) - 49 votes

Michael McGough (UK Independence Party) - 117 votes
Mick has lived in Epping Forest for 29 years. After graduating at QMC in Electrical Engineering he worked in teaching and qualified as a Chartered Accountant before running a family business in Islington. As a member of the Institute of Journalists, Mick takes an active role in current affairs, especially campaigning to protect pensions for women who have been so badly treated by the coalition government breaking its promise to them. Mick takes a vigorous interest in local concerns including: crime and travellers, unreasonable council charges, planning etc. He is a member of the UKIP National Executive Committee and is heavily involved in the Freedom Association.

John Philip (Conservative) - 581 votes ELECTED
lives in Theydon Bois with his wife, who is a teacher, and two daughters. He works from his home office and is therefore about the village all the time. John has been a district councillor for the last four years and is now the planning portfolio holder at Epping Forest District Council. John is passionate about keeping Theydon Bois a place where we all want to live and is well placed to ensure the protection of Theydon in the production of the new Local Plan. John is also a parish councillor and has been elected to serve for another term. He believes it is very important to build on the close links that have been established between the District and Parish over the past four years. John says he has done the things he said he would in his election literature last time and particularly how he has represented the village on the Planning Committee. John runs monthly surgeries in the village and is always happy for residents to contact him on 01992 812473 or by email at




Ward councillor whose term of office ends this year - Jonathan Collier (Conservative)


Councillor elected
- Glynis Shiell (Con). Turnout 20.20 per cent

Robert Greyson (Labour) - 278 votes

Glynis Shiell (Conservative) - 588 votes

Arnold Verall (Liberal Democrats) - 65 votes




Ward councillor whose term of office ends this year - Jeane Lea (Conservative)


Councillor re-elected
- Jeane Lea (Con). Turnout 23.52 per cent

Jeane Lea (Conservative) - 514 votes ELECTED

Kelvin Morris (Labour) - 158 votes

Timothy Vaughan (Liberal Democrats) - 86 votes




Ward councillor whose term of office ends this year - Bill Pryor (Conservative)


Councillor elected
- Helen Kane (Con). Turnout 18.69 per cent

Pat Brooks (Liberal Democrats) - 59 votes

John Game (Labour) - 160 votes

Helen Kane (Conservative) - 373 votes ELECTED


Buckhurst Hill Parish Council - Buckhurst Hill East (five seats)


Vijay Chavda (Conservative) - 403 votes ELECTED
Neil Cohen (Conservative) - 442 votes ELECTED
Dev Dodeja (Liberal Democrats) - 300 votes
Tom Heenan (Green Party) - 314 votes
Daniel Kieve (Green Party) - 317 votes
Christopher Lord (Green Party) - 273 votes
Ish Matharu (Liberal Democrats) - 207 votes
Steven Neville (Green Party) - 364 votes
Garry Sadler (Liberal Democrats) - 281 votes
Peter Spencer (Liberal Democrats) - 277 votes
Roger Taylor (Conservative) - 390 votes ELECTED
Hale Wheeler (Conservative) - 390 ELECTED
Benjamin Wille (Green Party) - 264 votes
Neville Wright (Conservative) - 474 votes ELECTED


Buckhurst Hill Parish Council - Buckhurst Hill West (six seats)


Lucy Bacon (Conservative) - 944 votes ELECTED
Gavin Chambers (Conservative) - 933 votes ELECTED
Maureen Jarvis (Liberal Democrats) - 602 votes
Roger Neville (Green Party) - 457 votes
Aniket Patel (Conservative) - 679 votes ELECTED
Joanne Share-Bernia (Conservative) - 731 votes ELECTED
Hal Ulkun (Conservative) - 763 votes ELECTED
June Warriner (Liberal Democrats) - 603 votes
Sylvia Watson (Conservative) - 867 votes ELECTED


Loughton Town Council - Loughton Alderton (three seats)


Philip Abraham (Loughton Residents Association) - 606 ELECTED
Angela Ayre (Labour) - 228 votes
Paul Morris (Independent) - 214 votes
Edward Stacey (Conservative) - 233 votes ELECTED
Tracey Thomas (Loughton Residents Association) - 642 votes ELECTED


Loughton Town Council - Loughton Broadway (three seats)


Neal Bagshaw (Conservative) - 194 votes
Simon Bullough (Labour) - 220 votes
Leon Girling (Loughton Residents Association) - 559 votes ELECTED
John Mahoney (Loughton Residents Association) - 480 votes ELECTED
Margaret Owen (Labour) - 246 votes ELECTED
Patricia Richardson (British National Party) - 149 votes


Loughton Town Council - Loughton Fairmead (three seats)


Jill Bostock (Labour) - 220 votes ELECTED
Carol Davies (Loughton Residents Association) - 547 votes ELECTED
Bob Jarvis (Independent) - 120 votes
Judy Jennings (Loughton Residents Association)518 votes ELECTED
Robert Ralf (Conservative) - 199 votes


Loughton Town Council - Loughton Forest (three seats)


Jill Angold-Stephens (Loughton Residents Association) - 793 votes ELECTED
Keith Buckley (Conservative) - 485 votes
Trevor Downing (Loughton Residents Association) - 733 votes ELECTED 
Iqbal Kalkat (Conservative) - 417 votes
Thomas Owen (Labour)94 votes
Pat Reynolds (Conservative) 461 votes
Sharon Weston (Loughton Residents Association) 672 votes ELECTED


Loughton Town Council - Loughton Roding (four seats)


Ken Angold-Stephens (Loughton Residents Association) - 731 votes ELECTED
Deborah Buckley (Conservative) - 258 votes
Margaret Chalk (Loughton Residents Association) - 618 votes ELECTED
Stephen Murray (Independent) - 982 votes ELECTED
David Wixley (Loughton Residents Association) - 560 votes ELECTED 


Loughton Town Council - Loughton St John's (three seats)


Stephen Pewsey (Loughton Residents Association) - 821 votes ELECTED
Caroline Pond (Loughton Residents Association) - 870 votes ELECTED
Chris Pond (Loughton Residents Association) - 836 votes ELECTED
Katherine Squire (Conservative) 303 votes


Loughton Town Council - Loughton St Mary's (three seats)


Philip Beales (Loughton Residents Association) - 785 ELECTED
Samuel Bishop (Conservative) - 370 votes
Nicola Dalladay (Conservative) - 376 votes
Roger Griffiths (Conservative) - 334 votes
Imogen Lawrence (Loughton Residents Association) - 792 votes ELECTED
Harvey Mann (Loughton Residents Association) - 756 votes ELECTED


UNCONTESTED - Abbess, Beauchamp and Berners Roding


Councillors elected are:
Robin King, Phillipa Lawrance, David Mapes, Ian Milligan, Andrew Parmenter, Bruce Stratton.


UNCONTESTED - Bobbingworth


Councillors elected are:
Andrew Gemmill, Michael Pether, Carol Squirrell.


UNCONTESTED - Chigwell Row


Councillors elected are:
Roger Farthing, Raj Sood.


UNCONTESTED - Chigwell Village


Councillors elected are:
John Knapman, Brian Sandler, Barry Scrutton, Lesley Wagland.




Councillors elected are:
Ray Balcombe, Carol Gabriel, Ian Hadley, Bob Woodrow.




Councillors elected are:
Richard Alvin, Kewal Chana, Alan Lion, Gagan Mohindra, Renu Phull.




Councillors elected are:
Geraldine Collins, John Dolder, Frank Doyle, Rosemary Ellis, David Knight.




Councillors elected are:
John Collins, Tora Murphy.


UNCONTESTED - Norton Mandeville


Councillors elected are:
John Ellis, Gerard McEwen.


UNCONTESTED - Paslow Common


Councillors elected are:
Richard Berry, Christopher Luscombe, Steven Smith.


UNCONTESTED - Stanford Rivers


Councillors elected are:
Alan Buckley, Jeanette Gatward, John Glover, Ronald Hayden, Basil Hollington, Robert Jackson, Robert Manning.


UNCONTESTED - Stapleford Abbotts


Councillors elected are:
Jim Brown, Raymond Kipps, Sean McCormack, Ray Russell, Pat Smith, Kelly Stokes.


UNCONTESTED - Stapleford Tawney


Councillors elected are:
David Davenport, Stuart Galloway, Duncan Padfield, Maurice Padfield.




Councillors elected are:
Anna Busch, James Collins, Carol Foulser, Rosemary Padfeld, David Silk.


UNCONTESTED - Theydon Bois


Councillors elected are:
Peter Gooch, Peter Hammond, Mike Hannibal, George Howard, Sue Jones, Christopher McDonald, John Philip, Anthony Purkiss, Paul Vincent, Annie Wood,Rob Young.


UNCONTESTED - Theydon Garnon


Councillors elected are:
Richard Clay, Diana Collins, Helen Greenaway, Lesley Jones, John Padfield.


UNCONTESTED - Theydon Mount


Councillors elected are:
Heather Brady, David Cole, Robert Holloway.


UNCONTESTED - Willingale


Councillors elected are:
Janine Arnold, Stuart Bosworth, Peter Davies, Stephen Grainger, David Stokes, Frances Williams, Tom Young.